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Bedroom pop takes on a whole new meaning with the guys of Rebounder, who’s 2020 project has them releasing one song a month. Their most recent release, ‘Slow Angel’ comes fit with a DIY home video and was produced by Dylan and Noah Chenfeld in Dylan’s bedroom. Legend has it, if you freeze frame the video you’ll see a not-so-cheap painting of Post Malone…

“Slow Angel was written about a person I was involved with who was super cool,” Dylan shares. “I wrote the song and then Noah threw away the chorus and wrote a better one.”

The song is a brisk three minute party featuring candid tones over grunge alt rock. Get to know the guys behind the anthem below.

Over steak frites and ice coffee, the gentlemen of Rebounder discuss all things music:

Dylan: “Let the record show that we are more about the delivery.”

Cobey: “Its a real ‘you kinda gotta be there’ kinda conversation…”

Noah: “What? All of our conversations?”

Dylan: “Yeah, I mean we mostly talk with our hands.”

Dylan: “ Anyway Zach was out of town for New Years, but predictably, 3/4 of the band spent
New Years eve at the Strokes.”

Cobey: “My first time seeing them, they delivered.”

Dylan: “ I spent the entire time at the after party trying to get some time with post Malone but it
didn’t work.”

Noah: “I wasn’t even there must be nice.”

Cobey:  “We should just tell them that we went to the strokes and then we didn’t meet post
malone you dont need to dive all the way in”

Zach: “Should we mention Slow Angel?”

Noah: “I thought we would…”

Cobey: “Mention that we aren’t a new order cover band thats key.”

Dylan: “Its true, for those staying posted on our twitter, we can confirm we are not a new order
cover band.”

Zach: “Slow Angel is an original composition baby.”

Noah: “True it’s not a new order song.”

Cobey: “No it is not.”

Dylan: “Which is not to say we’re opposed to being a New Order cover band…we just aren’t one

Cobey: “Exactly.”

Noah: “Its not Bizarre Love Triangle.”

Dylan: “Anyway Slow Angel was written about a person I was involved with who was super cool,
I wrote the song and then Noah threw away the chorus and wrote a better one.”

Noah: “Can confirm.”

Zach: “ Tell them I’m not in the video.”

Noah: “Oh yeah Zach joined the band like two weeks after we shot the video.”

Dylan: “Which is silly cause we’ve been friends literally since middle school and he was always
planning on joining and he could’ve just been there.”

Cobey: “We just only had a little bit of overlap in the city with our guy Adam.”

Dylan: “I love Adam’s work.”

Noah: “He nails it.”

Cobey: “So we shot the video @ our studio in Greenpoint with him in a few hours.”

Zach: “We open every show with it”

Dylan: “Not much else to say, some songs are about nothing, some songs are about something.”

Cobey: “But this song is about someone.”

Dylan: “Someone, something…point is its not a fictional story.”

Zach: “Correct, it is not fiction.”

Dylan: “Gonna need someone to number crunch that I’ve got the correct form.”

Noah: “Should we talk about not writing (fellow New Yorker) A$AP Rocky’s Sundress song.”

Zach: “That was wild.”

Dylan: “Two weeks ago we played in Boston with Cautious Clay and Remi Wolf.”

Cobey: “Our best show.”

Zach: “For sure.”

Dylan: “Anyways we have this jam/cover that kind of starts as A$AP Rocky’s Sundress.”

Noah: “You introduced it as a cover.”

Dylan: “I made it painfully clear.”

(The group is collectively laughing)

Cobey: “Anyways after the song we get some person on IG story talking about how we’re
reclaiming the song and we were the sampled band.”

Noah: “The sampled band in question is literally Tame Impala.”

Zach: “They were credited its not even a stolen song.”

Dylan: “Not at all. Anyway so this girl fully thinks we wrote that song and are friends with Rocky,
and she just won’t stop talking about how its cool we’re finally getting our shine.”

Cobey:  “Well that element of it is cool..she is team early.”

Dylan: “Yes, but we patently didn’t write Sundress.”

Noah: “She buys a shirt and we politely tell her its a cover song.”

Zach: “She wasn’t hearing it.”

Dylan: “Not one bit.”

Noah: “She offered to let us sleep on her floor.”

Dylan: “I was down.”

Zach: “We had…accommodations.”

Cobey: “Anyways if she see’s this…”

Zach: “Be real…when.”

Dylan: “I just wanna say shout out to you for being enthusiastic and kind in this cynical world,
and we didn’t make A$AP Rocky’s sundress, but we did make Slow Angel.”

Cobey: “Shout out to Adam who made a great video.”

Zach: “Must be nice.”

Noah: “Think in the video you can see the painting of post Malone.”

Dylan:  “My studio has a painting of post Malone I commissioned.”

(Zach is nodding his head in sadness)

Dylan: “It was…… not cheap.”

Cobey: “ Freeze frame the video maybe you see the post painting.”

Dylan: “Damn if you do thats continuity.”

Cobey: “Please don’t forget to vote Rebounder.”



photos / Phoenix Johnson

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