“Over the Phone” by Delilah Brao: A Somber Beauty With Deep Emotions

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Delilah Brao‘s “Over The Phone” is a captivating, emotionally charged pop single with folk touches that delves into the theme of heartbreak in the context of a long-distance relationship, so anyone who’s ever dealt with the complexities of love and the distance can feel identified with this sincere and authentic narrative. Singer and songwriter Delilah Brao was born and raised in Boston, although her musical pursuit made her settle in Los Angeles. She confesses that “Over The Phone” is about a guy she dated and broke up with her over a FaceTime call. 

The call only lasted 5 minutes – it’s like he fit it in between episodes of the series we were watching together. It’s grim. We dated for years. But, long distance sucks and the song kind of speaks for itself in that way.” – Delilah Brao

The song begins with a melancholic melody in which Delilah‘s soulful and evocative voice immediately draws the listener in through the rawness of her emotions. The phone call sound effect goes perfectly with the lyrics of the song and brings much more reality to the song. This succinct yet heartbreaking moment captures the essence of modern relationships, where technology and physical distance can unite and separate hearts.


In terms of production, the song’s effectiveness may well lie in its simplicity, allowing Delilah‘s voice and heartfelt lyrics to take center stage. The acoustic guitar and subtle instrumentation create a sense of intimacy and vulnerability that is easy to resonate with as it touches on the universal themes of love, loss, and the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

“Over The Phone” features a somber beauty that makes it a great addition to any playlist, especially for moments of reflection. Additionally, the track is part of the artist’s upcoming seven-song EP called ‘Since You’re In New York’, which was produced by Justin Lucas (Kahlid, Alec Benjamin) and mixed by Philip Etherington (FINNEAS, Lizzy McAlpine, Tiny Habits).

Delilah Brao’s “Over The Phone” is a beautifully crafted and emotionally charged pop single that resonates with anyone who has experienced the struggles of love in the age of technology. The simple yet effective production allows for the poignant message to shine through, making the listener feel both vulnerable and comforted at the same time. Whether you’re going through your own heartache or simply appreciate a good folk-pop tune, “Over The Phone” is a must-listen that will leave you feeling deeply moved.




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