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If you like alternative music and don’t know who KennyHoopla is you really should – but oh what a beautiful discovery process you are about to go on. KennyHoopla breathes life and emotion into creative lyrics backed by electric guitar and bright toned electronic sounds – with just the right amount of percussion mixed in to catch your attention. He currently holds the place of being the only Black artist to be in the top 10 alternative chart on Billboard.

His title track from his debut EP “how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?//” feels like driving down an empty road with a hand out the window while screaming into crisp air with your best friend in the passenger seat on the way to nowhere/ everywhere. It has big main character sound track energy to fuel whatever adventure you may be in the midst of.

KennyHoopla brings a mature tone to the angsty energy that alternative music is known for. It’s the sound of early 2000’s alternative with an up to date twist that makes it all its own. If you want an EP that is sure to only add fuel to your fire but also let you vibe out on the ride then you have arrived at the perfect audio destination. Get to know Kenny better below and find out his personal favorite track off the EP, what inspires him, and the best advice he has ever received.

Hi! How are you?
Hello! I have no clue to be honest

What do you hope people take away from your debut EP “how will I Rest in peace if I’m buried by a highway?”?
That this is just the start and this is all really happening in the now. I hope they can be in the moment with me.

What is your favorite track off the EP?

What is your favorite lyric off the EP?
how will I Rest In Peace if I’m buried by a highway?

What would you say inspires you the most and did anything inspire you today?
I think love – no not today :/

What does authenticity as an artist mean to you during such crazy times?
not changing with the world, not switching how you do things because the world and the publications and artists, etc want to. Not giving a fuck really and doing what you want no matter the consequence and trusting that shit.

As of right now you are the only Black artist to be in the top 10 on the Billboard Alternative chart – What are your current views on the alternative genre’s accessibility for Black artists and do you think we are on track for a more inclusive space?
Yes for sure, I think the music is less of a race thing and more of a heart thing. I feel indie rock/alternative comes with this true honest conviction that people can tell is real or fake immediately. I’m just grateful to be in that conversation because I do have that heart and I feel like specific highs and low that come with the area of music.

Is there anything you would like to say in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement?
I mean idk what to say because I’m pretty public about it and I’d be repeating myself. I think it’s just the obvious you know, we have to keep going, not letting energy die down. I’m very excited for my generation – I’ve never felt so unified and disconnected from the world at the same time and that’s actually such a people thing. We need to keep living for these victims who can’t and keep fighting for those who are pushed down. Silence is not the answer right now.

Does vulnerability play a role in music for you personally? Why or why not?
Yea but I feel it’s just more being myself I’m a very honest and vulnerable person unfortunately, I’m not really a fan of it a lot of the time but I’m here! Lmao I’m grateful I can have people connect with me.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
Closed mouths don’t get fed

What is something that always puts you into a better mood?

If you had to define yourself in three words as of today what would they be?
ego less
Vibrant? Lol



photos & story / Weslee Kate

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