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Afro fusionist Töme is the award-winning artist that is paving her way. France, Nigeria, and Canada intricately season a sonic range and Töme’s lyrics occupy new territory, colonizing a unique space. After only two years within the industry, this month’s ‘Nobody Else’… the prelude to an upcoming album indicates the fruit of Töme’s genre specific experimentation. Through a heaviness, singles appear to be weightless, and a conversation was quick to detail the individualism that is voiced and the self confidence that is advocated. Love Over Vanity, the third studio album features the vibrancy and candor that is quickly becoming signature.



How are you?

I’m feeling good! We just released a single Nobody Else, the lead single to my upcoming album, and I am a JUNO award winning singer/songwriter and recording artist…that is my day-to-day.


Your album Love Over Vanity?

I made it in December, I think the moment I heard the beat it just resonated so well, it already exuded this feeling of love. I just wanted to embody that. Realistically I wrote about the feeling I hope to have one day.


Afro fusion?

I think that the genre itself has yet to become a structured sound of its own, because it’s very different for many people, but for me how I like to incorporate Afro fusion is to infuse African beats and the influence of African culture by fusing it with what I know. There are Afro elements within it but then you can hear the RnB and that soulful melody in the execution of the vocals. For me it is very much a fusion of genre.


How have the past two years shaped your music?

We’ve come a long way in short of two years…when I started there wasn’t necessarily doubt, but there was greater discomfort because you never know the results you’re going to receive when you release music. I had no idea how far the support would grow, I am understanding the industry a lot more, and now it’s a sake of how I make sure that every time I release its better than the last, and that there is always growth. You don’t have to be so perfect at first…you can grow into yourself.


A favorite story?

Rapunzel! Not necessarily the old tale where she lets down her hair to find her love, but the latest one… Entangled, I think… I liked that concept a lot better because that was more about her not having to fear what life would be if she took it on for herself. It was more about self-confidence and not having to doubt or fear what is ahead even if you don’t know what is to come.


A favorite proverb?

“Be kind to thy neighbor” …because you never know what someone is going through.



Your favorite collaboration thus far?

Shawn Kingston, but I’d really love to have one with Rihanna…hell yeah!


Your favorite color eyeshadow?

A bronze gold.


If you were sitting in a car and you could play any song which, would you play?

Right now… ‘Nobody Else’ by Tome…ha-ha


A favorite pair of earrings?

I have these nice little face shaped ones…they’re shaped out of the metal, it kind of makes a face…a bit Avant Garde.



The next big goal for me is to be able to tour on a more global scale. I’d also really like to delve more into acting. Through my art I hope to be at the forefront, and one that cultivates generations to come, allowing them to have that space, with the freedom to liberate and create.



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