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The word “cinematic” gets thrown around regarding music quite a lot these days, and I’m sure there’s a very interesting analysis to find there, but that doesn’t make it any less of an accurate description for “Folded In Your Hands” by AONN, featuring Torii Wolf.

This was a very special and unique track for us, as it was the first track we did with Torii. They sent us vocals for another track idea we had and we were so inspired by the lyrics + melody, that we created a whole new track around them.”  – Colton Jackson (AONN)

AONN, self-described as a “Cinematic Duo,” is composed of American composer Colton Jackson and German composer Tobias Bartsch. The pair met in 2018 bonding over their mutual love of music-making. Within a few years, they combined their decades of experience crafting sounds for others into a project of their own. In December 2022, AONN began writing together, and a year later their debut record “Took Everything” sealed the deal. Shortly afterward, much-anticipated singles “Whitebird” ft Torii Wolf and “Strangers” Ft. Naomi August were released.

Colton and Tobias have collaborated with major global brands such as BMW, History Channel, Nike, A+E, Porsche, Hulu, and Amazon. They are excited to express their voices through AONN, aiming to create timeless, narrative-rich music that inspires audiences in the cinematic realm. They collaborate with a diverse network of musicians to continually generate new musical ideas. AONN’s diverse musical styles offer an immersive experience, reflecting their passion for storytelling and extensive network of collaborators, showcasing the creative fusion of two passionate storytellers.

AONN’s latest release is called “Folded In Your Hands”, featuring lyrics and vocals by none other than Torii Wolf, and an amazing music video to go along featuring an eerie tea ceremony that turns into a psychedelic nightmare worthy of a Panos Cosmatos flick.

“I wrote this song in a way that was inspired by dropping into the aetherial body to get back to that deep connection. This song is about surrendering fully to ascend.”

Torii Wolf

The track boasts an imposing sound founded upon an earth-shaking bass with a low, unnerving drone just in the background. Though there’s tons of intense distortion and aggressiveness throughout, “Folded In Your Hands” is no less melodic, thanks in no small part to the ethereal vocals striving towards the song’s own stated higher purpose.



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