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“In The Abstract” is perhaps the perfect introductory track that Mexicana singer Andria Rose could hope for, or at least it is for me because my first taste of her sound made a very strong and positive impression that led me to really “get” her sound right away.

The song has a groovy catwalk beat that serves as the base foundation for the shimmering, hazy harmonies and vocals that Andria summons around you like some mystical, entrancing fog. Her velvety jazz-infused performance is like a flavorful heady liquor that easily muffles the rest of the world around it, making her surprisingly immersive for a first-time listener like myself.


Describing “In the Abstract” can be a bit tough without making it come across as an elusive and strange track. The truth is that while the texture it evokes is very fluid and hard to pinpoint (like a mirage), the song is far from vague or undefined, and it doesn’t rely on any tricks to draw you in, and the mysterious and ethereal sound is thematically consistent with the lyrics in a way that a lot of music isn’t necessarily. What the song is though is Warm and very enveloping. If you felt so inclined to pin a label onto this song, I suppose the most technically correct would be Bedroom pop, as Andria literally writes and records her music from her San Antonio home, giving that air of familiar comfort and casual intimate honesty so often found within the genre. 


When speaking about the themes she explores in the song, Andria says “In the Abstract is about self-discovery through the intricacies of one’s own mind. It’s a self-reflective piece where I am stepping outside of my usual perspective to evaluate what more I need from life”. Though the song takes on what for many people would be a somewhat somber and perhaps difficult subject, Andria’s take on it is somewhat more lighthearted and quite literally upbeat, as there’s not an ounce of melancholy neither in her voice nor the instruments.

Story: Samuel Aponte Photos: Bryan Cardenas



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