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“Coastline” will transport you to those melancholy LA foggy mornings on the beach, close our eyes and you’ll almost feel the breeze. Mehro shares, “I wrote the song for a person I could no longer speak to. One night I was looking out to the Malibu mountains and this person came to my mind. This was the song that was channelled through me. I guess it was the only way I could communicate with them”.  Since his debute in 2020 has already been championed by standouts like NPR’s All Songs ConsideredAmerican SongwriterFLOOD and The Line of Best Fit—who shared a virtuoso debut live video. mehro’s highly praised SKY ON FIRE project catapulted the artist to new heights with over 34M streams on all platforms, 200K Instagram followers, 350K TikTok views in a single night and half a million views overall on the platform.

It is to no one’s surprise that listeners around the globe have fallen for mehro. From his deft, poignant lyrics to his sweet, indie sound, mehro is evocative of pioneers like Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright. In the starry-eyed “coastline,” we see mehro venture into a genre-less lane where pop, indie rock, and folk intersect. Gorgeous percussion swells in the soundscape with a pulsing tempo pushing the track along.

From composition to lyrical imagery, mehro captures the essence of a soul much older and wiser than we would imagine his to be, coming through with a sincerity and maturity that is missing from the current musical landscape. “For those who are reading this, and for those who listen to the song, here is what I’ll tell you: there is nothing that you can find outside of yourself, the destination is in your eyes.”

first photo / Alex Forsyth @al_for
second photo / Russell Tandy @russetandy_


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