For months, when the project first started the only images we would see would be darkly lit images of a slender figure with a mullet. The music video for “The Outfield” is the back of a guy wearing a red jacket walking through multiple crowds of people in different cities — revealing a slow motion turn at the very end, by which we never really see his face. At the time, no one knew that Martin was indeed The Night Game and that he had chosen to disregard his every accolade, a thing that most other people would never do. Rumor has it, Martin got his record deal by being contacted through DM on Instagram after Bill Burr heard “The Outfield” at “It’s a School Night” (a popular showcase in Los Angeles) He signed without anyone putting together that he was “Martin-Johnson-former-frontman-of-Boys-Like-Girls-and-successful-writer/producer.”

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