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By Diana Knight

/Ladygunn’s Beauty Editor tests the latest goods so you don’t have to.
Primer Potion
Urban Decay has totally changed the way I wear makeup. First I’d like to let you in on my new favorite beauty staple: Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. If you’ve ever seen your reflection halfway through a night out, you know how fantastically unfortunate the smudging and wearing qualities of eyeshadow is. One swipe of the eyeshadow primer potion and my eyes look just as good as they did when I put it on.. 4 hours ago! Love this stuff!

Cheek Tint
Urban Decay has also taught me to ditch powdered blush and go for their Afterglow Cheek Tint. Applied with a brush it doesn’t sit on top of your skin and give you that caked on look. It blends in and brings subtle color to your cheeks with a beautiful glowing shine. This is the first blush I’ve used that looks totally natural and I love the colors. Try it in “Crush” for a more rosey glow or “Indecent” for a sun-kissed look.
I am a secret lipgloss lover! Lipgloss can add shine to a lipstick or a tint to your natural lips. I’ve been scouring this earth (well… Sephora) for a lipgloss I can wear for years. Everything is too thick, sticky, and leaves me feeling chapped. Urban Decay’s honey-infused Lip Love is packed with natural oils that sooth my lips and add shine without feeling like I passed a glue stick over my mouth.
Mouse and Gel
I’m a true hair product junkie. I’ve tried it all, leave in conditioners, cremes, serums, gel, mouse, hairspray… all looking for the perfect combination to leave my curls shapely and bouncy. I decided to go back to the basics with L’Oreal’s new Studio Line with products designed with us curly-kind in mind. This stuff is amazing! Usually products that claim to hold curls leave them brittle and stiff but a combination of gel and mouse (both strong hold) worked wonders. My curls are perfect, shiny, soft, and have perfect volume. My technique: I smooth on a pump of L’Oreal’s Ever Sleek Frizz Taming Creme Serum before I brush my hair, work in Silky Curls Curl Enhancing Gel, and a handful of Springing Curls Lightweight Mousse.

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