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Photos / Mark Minton

NYC was buzzing with Pride energy, and the LADYGUNN Pride Party and Cover Release Event was an ultimate highlight. The event celebrated both Pride Month and the latest LADYGUNN cover featuring our host Adam Lambert. It was a glam affair packed with influencers, artists, and LGBTQ+ advocates. The Soho Grand Hotel’s Club Room, with its sexy vibes, set the perfect scene for the night.

Before the main event, Editor-in-Chief Phil Gomez hosted an intimate dinner. This pre-party gathering brought together some of LADYGUNN’s fave creatives for steamy convo, killer style, and caviar. In a moody jazz club setting, Phil’s squad included Lion Babe frontwoman Jillian Harvey, fashion guru Jerome Lamaar, comedian Athan Chakas Maniscalco, edgy singer/actor Kat Kunning, and body-positive icon Denise Bidot among other qt’s. Each guest brought their unique flair, making it a truly dynamic crew.

Thanks to our friends at FLAMER, the night kicked off with some top-shelf selections that were straight fire. The party popped off when the legendary DJ Kevin Aviance hit the decks. Known for his electrifying sets, he kept the energy high with a mix of classic hits and modern anthems, ensuring the dance floor was never empty. Next up was Boyyyish, who kept the party going till late.

The LADYGUNN Pride Party was a celebration of identity, freedom, and creativity. Attendees mingled, danced, and celebrated in a space where they could truly be themselves. The event not only honored Adam Lambert’s contribution to music and LGBTQ+ advocacy but also highlighted the importance of Pride as a time to reflect on progress and the work still to be done.


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