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Poetry comes to life in Los Angeles-based artist Saro’s new video for, “Two Suns,” the latest song is off of his debut EP In Loving Memory.  The video, which is premiering exclusively on Ladygunn, was inspired by the loss of his best friend to suicide and the subsequent heartbreak that ensued. The result is a stunningly emotive and completely captivating piece of art.

The never-before-seen photos by Angelo Kritikos, are the perfect complement to the rawness of Saro’s work.  Saro explains, Two Suns is the most painstakingly introspective track I’ve written. I had just lost my best friend to suicide and the hopelessness that ensued changed me into someone I couldn’t recognize. When I started to write, the lyrics seemed to pour out of me; “I’m not who I used to be…I’m not alright”. It took me a long time to find joy in anything again. I had to come to terms with the notion that I had outgrown myself. The video represents the depressive days following the suicide, days I was surrounded by friends but felt as if I was in complete solitude. Leila, the little girl, represents innocence lost. Whenever I would manage to find a distraction, memories of my friend would rush back. The interlude “Envy” became a vocalization of my feelings a few months after. I didn’t write Envy, it was a freestyle afterthought to a vocal take. “

Photos/Angelo Kritikos

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