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It seems fitting to discuss the legacy of Bob Marley on the 19th anniversary of his passing. A man of integrity, talent, and wisdom, Bob Marley is still a relevant force of society today. For instance, he remains one of the most followed posthumous artists on social media, while his catalogue continues to stream in the hundreds of millions, attracting fans of all ages, races, and backgrounds. To expound on his profound influence, a 12-part mini documentary series titled ‘LEGACY’ is currently being released in his honor. The series features past interviews with Marley himself, in addition to recent conversations with fans, friends, and family, interwoven with intimate footage and soundbites of Marley is in prime.

Covering various angles of his remarkable influence, ‘LEGACY’ releases a new segment of the documentary monthly, with new insight embedded in every episode. Presently three episodes deep, ‘LEGACY’ has covered Marley’s impact on reggae, women’s involvement in dance hall, & the Jamaican culture and history. With new episodes fresh on the horizon, fans can look forward to a deeper understanding of the life of Bob Marley, in addition to the people and Rastafarian culture which shaped the legend’s ideology.

Still, ‘LEGACY’ is not the only piece of inspirational content currently progressing at the hand of Bob Marley’s direct legacy. In celebration of the connective power of Marley’s music, a new animated official music video for the Bob Marley & The Wailers’ smash “Three Little Birds” was created, directed by Morgan Powell. The visual is a spin off on classic cartoon characters, Powell shared, “I figured it would be interesting to pick two well-known enemies and flip their relationship on its head. There are lots of enemies in the world and we are in testing times, even more now, and I wanted to pose the question of what happens if you push through fear or anxiety? What’s on the other side of that? With the help of the song I managed to push through and I wanted to give the video my best shot of portraying that.”

Additionally, MARLEY75 is joining forces with Swedish global climate change activist, Greta Thunberg and her world-wide initiative #FridaysforFuture. Together they strive to educate and inspire action amongst the throes of Marley fans on an issue that would surely be close to the legend’s heart if he were here to witness the state our Mother Nature is in today. MARLEY75 will also be curating innovative content for new and old fans alike, including a spread of special live events, exclusive digital content, recordings, exhibitions, and other secret, unearthed treasures from the Marley vault. Tune in next month for the next episode of ‘LEGACY’ and celebrate Bob Marley’s spirit today by remembering to “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”



story / Jessica Thomas

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