The Ladygunn Introduction to the Saturn Return: "Saturn Says, Grow Up!"

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by / Logan Brendt

It takes about 29 years for Saturn to orbit around the Sun. When a person is roughly 27 or 28 years old, astrologers consider the age to be the start of a two and a half year period called the first Saturn Return. This consists of the time where for the first time, Saturn returns to the same astrological sign and position that it was at the time of a person’s birth. When it does, the person is considered to enter “adulthood”. This is where Saturn’s themes to maintain a balance, stability, and practical needs weigh heavily on us, bringing a transformation to our lives if we are not where we need to be.

You might think it’s ridiculous to believe that celestial bodies orbiting along with our planet could possibly have an effect on our beings, but if the sun’s solar flares could electromagnetically disrupt our planet, and the moon can effect tides, does astrology really seem that silly? Just like the sun gives us life, surrounding planets may also help to lay out our personal paths. So forget the “fortune teller” assumptions about astrology. It just might be a divine compass that if we know how to read and understand will only make us wiser.  Do I sound too much like I have flowers in my hair and I’m banging a drum? Because, that would be kind of rad if it does.

If the Saturn energies are ignored, and one gets caught up in wanting to stay with youth’s naiveté and ignorance, they can become depressed, feeling without direction, and not able to take the next step. As we know, life does give us choices and we do make our own lives. It’s just that energy/planets can usher us into facing something at a particular time even if we are not ready for it, especially if we have ignored signs to change over the years.

Unfortunately because of the age parallel, some consider the Saturn Return and the “27 Club” to be somewhat associated together. However not all of those bright minds and sensitive artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Amy Winehouse died during their Return, but it’s believed that Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain did, depending on if their birth information is correct. Because of this, there is still shaky ground when comparing the two, and there are so many other factors to take in account with the aforementioned.

Saturn Returns are often misunderstood and looked at with fear because of the grand importance put on them by astrologers. You should however look at the Saturn Return positively as a chance to grow up and face responsibilities and necessities to create a balanced life and mind. Take time to learn and reassess, changing if you need to. It takes effort. Once you are out of it, you will see a better version of yourself and you can move forward with making bold life decisions.

There is a second Saturn Return that arrives around age 57-58 for another two and a half year period which ushers in maturity, and the third Saturn Return happens around 87-88, ushering in the wise old age. But, the first Saturn Return is most prominent, as it’s the first time where the structure you’ve built your life upon is challenged. It may be possible that we thought we wanted to go one direction and instead we will choose another. The proverbial fork in the road. The moment where we find out that we can no longer skip through life on our charm. Or we realize that we can’t let certain ingrained fears stay an obstacle in our life’s path anymore. Maybe we’ll even change the direction of our career. For example, it’s been said that Vincent Van Gogh officially evolved into a painter during the time of his Saturn Return, rather than becoming a minister as he had originally set out to do.

It may also quite possibly be the Saturn Return drawing so many of the 27 and 28 year olds to their ten year high school reunion. Maybe there is still unfinished business– a chapter trying to be closed before they begin a new one, grow up, and move on.

The sign and house/degree in your astrology chart that your natal Saturn is in is another important factor. Right now we are still dealing with Saturn in Libra with themes associated with relationships, commitment, and blame. Those in their Returns are especially learning to let go of relationships that no longer work for them, and realizing that you can’t blame others for the unhappiness you feel. But with 2012 approaching we will soon see Saturn go into Scorpio and all those born during the last month of 1982 through 1985, will arrive into their Return. So if you’re feeling a little Mayan calendar doomsday queasy, you can chalk it up to Saturn in Scorpio as well. Themes like the occult, jealousy, manipulation, fears of emotional rejection, death, intimacy, and sex will stare us down until we leave denial and deal with them like an adult. If we understand and embrace the unique and perceptive beings that we are by sensibly mastering and taming the negative feelings and fears, rather than trying to obsessively hold on to control to stay stagnant, we will build strength and character and be able to overcome any fears we may have. We will propel ourselves into a higher understanding, a higher consciousness and come out as a better version of ourselves.

The Saturn Return, especially the first time around is an exciting time, but because you’re at the point where you can no longer coast, and choices are necessary, it can also create uneasiness. Trust your intuition– the quiet with the comfortable thoughts that tell you which way to go.

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