The Creators Project In Paris

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Photography + Story / Stacy Jean

One thing I love about living in Paris is the amazing exhibitions that come my way. Well leave it to the VICE team to take it to the next level! I mean do you expect anything less from them?!! I was fortunate enough to be invited by the VICE peeps to attend their new traveling event series called The Creators Project. Vice teamed up with Intel and started a global arts and technology initiative dedicated to supporting creativity and visionary artists using innovative technology to push creative boundaries.
Now entering it’s third year, The Creators Project has been able to unite more than 150 artists from all around the world, along with incorporating an online community of millions, documentary videos, a content-creation studio, and a traveling event series which is what I was able to catch in Paris.
I had a moment to speak with Hosi Simon, the General Manager of VICE about the project. “What traditionally started as a media channel that highlighted artists around the world has now become a partnership in helping artists develop and further their ideas. We wanted to make a difference, and help artists develop ideas by pushing the envelope as much as we possibly can. We were fortunate to establish this art foundation called the The Creators Project which helps artists elevate their work with technology.”
The opening Bal Blanc event night was hosted at the famous Grand Palais in Paris. Jamie XX played a banging set along with Caribou, and Four Tet which my boys from Ten Days in Paris captured here. I wasn’t able to attend Bal Blanc but did catch the creative panel with Sebastien Tellier and Mr Flash. Nothing better than listening to Tellier spit some dope French philosophy over three bottle’s of bubbly….ahhh, gotta love the French!
Afterwards I played around with Chris Milk’s beautiful interactive installation called “The Treachery of Sanctuary“. If you are not familiar with Chris Milk, he is an amazing director with an impressive roster of music video work. Milk originally teamed up with The Creators Project in 2011 to help create the cascade of interactive beach ball visuals during Arcade Fire’s Coachella performance.
Catch The Creators Project in your city if you can, it will be well worth your time! The event first kicked off in San Francisco, made a stop in Paris, and is now venturing on to Sao Paulo, Beijing, Seoul, and New York.

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