Thaila Ayala

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Recognized as one of the most iconic actress of her generation in Brazil, Thaila Ayala has been working steadily advancing her portfolio to work with with the best Brazilian and International directors and producers in the world. Her recent credits include Zeroville, directed by James Franco and will also star, Will Ferrell, Megan Fox, Dave Franco, and  Seth Rogen. Her other much anticipated film is Rio Heat alongside Harvey Keitel. Thaila is blazing up the ladder to leading lady status like a bat out of hell but wants her new found fans, and her millions of followers  on Instagram to think more about the over 15 local and global ONGs she supports, including amfAR, the American foundation for AIDS research.

We get to know a little bit more about what makes this Brazilian dream girl tick.

What do your typical days consist of? What about typical nights?

It’s difficult to say, because my life is a little crazy for typical days. One day I’m in LA another Vancouver, or Rio… I never stop! But If I have a day off and I’m in LA I love to cook my breakfast, workout (I don’t like this part but I’m trying include in my routine), accent  class, some writing or reading (never bought)

At Night it’s going to the movie theater  ordering alot of popcorn and a big coke. Or binge tv shows at home with Oreos. And sometimes I go out to dance with the girls.

What’s it like being famous in Brazil?

Hmmm it’s ok, Fame can give u good things but with a high price. You loose your privacy, it’s pretty complicated And sad! U have to have your feet on the ground and a really good background to not be driven crazy!

What is a dream role for you?

I have so many dreams. It goes from wanting to play a crazy schizophrenic psychopath to a Marvel character!

Can you tell us about some of the projects that have made you grow as a performer?

Since I started my career I grow more and more after a new project, but the stage is where I grow the most, on the stage you can’t lie!

Is it different acting on TV vs Film?

I think depending on the project not so much tv vs film.

Soap opera is the hardest thing to do, u shoot something between 30/50 scenes a day in a studio. It’s Monday to Saturday on Tv so it is PRETTY insane, u don’t have much time to prepare the scene so it is impossible to go deep a lot of the times. You receive the scene when you arrive to the studio or on the day before. And this is done almost everyday for one year!

Who are some people you would love to work with?

So many people but Tim Burton And Tarantino are my big idols!

Tell us a mantra that you have that get you going through the days.

God first, then believe in yourself, work hard and everything is going to be possible. Or patience, patience, and a little bit more patience

Did you go to the Olympics?

Yes, I went to a lot of games!

What did you think of the press covering the Olympics?

Press is always quite sensational.


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What is the last happy thing you did?

Right now, I’m doing a massage!

What projects you are currently working on?

I’m shooting Woody Woodpecker a Universal feature project. Then going to Brazil next week to start another feature The Killer. And after that I’ll be shooting another feature Maybe A Love Story in NY!

Then I wanna finish the script that I’m writing!

And I’m going to NY to shoot another one

It calls “maybe a love story”

ladygunn-150918_thaila_ayala_shot-06_0007_wk ladygunn-150918_thaila_ayala_shot-06_0102_wk

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