SXSW 2013

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What happens when one editor takes a road trip to SXSW….. 🙂

story + pics by / Koko Ntuen

My SXSW pics on

Pics from the trip are also here +here.
WHAT I DID / Rode down with cool/sweet /snarky hipsters (sea punks?) from Bushwick who I didn’t know that well, stayed with super cool guys with a clean apartment, Ate breakfast burritos, drank ALOT, took an adderall, rode bikes, took the bus, walked around Austin, listened to the BEST music, frozen sangrias, interviews with great bands, thrift shopping, hung out with Lydia and Josh Johnson, hung out with Tiffany, a fellow LADYGUNN editor (who is super popular in Austin which made me super popular by association, LOVE YOU TIFFANY) and hung out with lots of cute, cute random band boys, networked(?), lots of showcases!
WHO I SAW / Shannon and The Clams, Jazuzzi Boys, Black Lips, Gap Dream, Rocky Erickson, King Tuff, Acid Baby Jesus, DIIV…. Everyone who was playing at the Burger Records showcase Burgermania was super awesome. So many good bands I wish I could name them all! 🙁
WHAT I LOVED / Austin, The weather, King Tuff, Lonestar Beer, Hotel Vegas, Burgermania, Trailer Space Records, meeting musicians that I loved, running into Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire and trying to make plans to go to a strip club, Sean + Lee from Burger Records, Talking with Jared, Ian and Cole at Hotel Vegas, Ian is so funny. Also the Slovenly Records showcase was pretty killer.
HIGHLIGHTS / Getting pulled over for speeding and getting a warning ticket…. 🙂 ….being in Austin.
LOWLIGHTS / Driving 6 million miles from NY-TX, Car breaking down on the way back and having to get towed back to Brooklyn when we were three hours away, all day drinking +all night drinking makes for all morning UGGhing, Taking 2 weeks to recover and being so far behind on deadlines. :/









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