Red Bull Creation

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Ingenuity and Creativity at McCarren Park, Brooklyn

In case you missed it, Red Bull’s, “Creation,” took place in Brooklyn this past weekend. Judges selected 16 teams from across the country to build machines based on the topic, “Energy in Motion.” The creations had to run without fossil fuel and be able to carry a single individual from one place to the next.
Competitors were given just 72 hours to bring their creations to fruition. “It’s part of the fun!” exclaimed, the competition’s mastermind, Jason Naumoff.  “The best work always comes out of not having much time and lots of weird constraints.” Nevertheless, Red Bull provided 16 RV’s for catnapping purposes, many teams slept in shifts, and the workshop was fully stocked with Red Bull.
For the participants, according to Naumoff, this competition was about the workshop and the top of the line machinery available for use, such as laser cutters and Makerbots. “Everybody walked in at the beginning and you could see their eyes light up,” Naumoff said.  Team ITP from NYU’s interactive program mentioned how the tools in the workshop were better than the ones they used at school.
A broad spectrum of makers participated in Creation: Architects, sculptors, crafters, carpenters, computer scientists, and engineers, to name a few. What they had in common was a love of reappropriation: dismantling objects, like scooter motors and metal structures, and cultivating new modes of functionality was the common thread among the disparate bunch.
1.21 Jigawatts from Minneapolis, MN produced the winning creation, “Paper Trail.” Team member Dave Heisserer described it as “a hamster wheel meets penny-farthing with a text message digital printer that prints out the back.” People could send text messages to be printed via the life-size wheel. For the prize 1.21 Jigawatts took home $5000 and 40W Hobby Laser Cutters from Full Spectrum Laser.  (Kelly Robbins)

Photos: Fletcher Lawrence

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