Phone call with Harvey Pekar

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Harvey Pekar is one of my favorite people. Literally people. I love his stories and his voice.  I called him to interview him for the comic issue. He was a little excited when we started talking about Mae West, annoyed when I asked him for his address 3 times and overall as charming as Harvey Pekar can be! I mean when I told him I would call him back to tell him to look at his feature on the internet he said, “Oh, I don’t know how to use a computer!” Then mumbled some things before I said, “Bye Harvey!”
Listen to phone call. It’s  really long and bad static but I tried to make it entertaining by the Harvey Heads but if you need to skip though it here are the best quotes;
“This is for who again?”
“Why don’t you come out and see me sometime.”
“I couldn’t understand why in the hell they would want to make it, but I took their money.”
“I don’t have a manager”
“Oh, ok!”

Untitled from ladygunn on Vimeo.
And for fun!
Anthony Bourdain meets Harvey Pekar

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