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Subject: Thor, 25, stylist. Tattoo: Duck with numbers; Meaning: I come from a long line of hunters, especially duck hunters. And no, I don’t mean the video game. But sometimes killing makes you feel more like you’re in jail than free, so that’s what the prison numbers mean.; Artist: unknown.

Top: Lydia Hyslop, 27, actor/musician Tattoo: anatomical heart Meaning: I went through a lot of bullshit in one year, in regards to a relationship and various life issues as a result of said relationship. I thought my heart was broken. Then I learned a lot once I got distance and clarity on the situation. I realized I still have a big heart, despite all the bullshit. I got this tattoo to commemorate my heart surviving it all. Also, I like having a big, gnarly tattoo in a secret place and knowing it’s all mine. Artist: Jeremy Swan at Broken Art Tattoo Bottom : Travis Shettel, 33, musician Tattoo: “Dad” heart with dove Meaning: Well, my Pops died when I was just a kid, and a tattoo seemed to be the perfect way to memorialize his existence during my existence. He was a good man. Artist: True Blue, Austin, TX

Top: Lauren Graham, 29, Director. Tattoo: Trust For Sale ; Meaning: Trust is such an easy thing to lose in a person, and such a hard thing to regain. I broke someone’s trust and I knew I had to earn it back…but man did I ever want to just go out and buy some. Artist: someone in Vancouver, BC ,  Bottom: Erin Pargas, Marketing Manager/Senior Publicist.
script phrase on arm;  Meaning: Latin for “Through Adversity to the Stars” I heard this phrase years ago and it stuck with me.  My life changed dramatically at the start of 2010 with a major breakup and lifestyle change. I was starting from scratch at a time I thought I had everything exactly where it should be.  So it was finally time to have that daily reminder that if you walk through it, you’re better for having done so and that life can be as good as the faith you have and the willingness to allow experiences to come and to confront rather than evade them. This is a great reminder for me that the stars are there, even if I can’t always see them;  Artist: Rosie from Broken Art Tattoo

Top: Aaron Beaulieu, Designer/Owner of Arquitectura Emocional. Tattoo: Broken Heart on inner lip;Meaning: It more stands for inevitability. I considered calling myself the Heartbreak Kid for a while, but the tattoo wasn’t enough to justify that name. Crazy thing is, I’ve had it for around 6 years or so. Tattoos on the inner lip hardly last through the weekend, but that’s the way it goes. Artist: Tattoo done by unknown artist, London Underground Tattoo, London UK. Bottom: Alexis Rei, 26, stylist. Tattoo: Gun and “Nic”; Meaning: I got “Nic” when I was dating him. I got the gun after. Artist: Ami Nicoletti from Electric Tattoo

Craig Shinnerer. Tattoo: “Burn the Boats” Meaning: I was madly in love at one point, but when things fell apart it was so bad I decided that it was  never an option to go back. So I took this Hernando Cortez quote, he burned all the ships in his fleet so they could never return to Spain. Only move forward and never look back.
Bottom:  Greg Lang, 32, actor/art director and Victoria Aronson, 26, makeup artist/owner of V2 Lipstick
Tattoos: Each other’s lips – Greg has Victoria’s lips on his neck, she has his on her…ass; Meaning: From Greg- The lips represent past heartbreak in our relationship, as well as a point when we decided to put all of that behind us and move on together. They are also a play on words, so to speak, about how “couples tattoos” are commonly referred to as a “kiss of death.” We embraced this and said f*ck it.  Meaning From Victoria– This is the kiss of my love battle. Artist: Ami Nicoletti from Electric Tattoo, LA
Photos: Joshua Spencer
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