Our New Favorite Show: PLANET ROCKE

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Everyone is talking about PLANET ROCKE, the first music talk show from Space. The brain child of Taylor Locke and director Ericka Clevenger,  Planet Rocke dives into a magical universe with no holds barred, following Taylor’s alien family the Fuzzies, pterodactyl drummer Pterry and girl robot Trixie.  That’s right – finally!  An existential music show chalk full with enough silliness so that it’s enjoyable instead of pretentious.  Unlike other far-out music based shows, Planet Rocke has content understood by all walks of life, not just your average stoner.

Part Wayne’s World part Peewee’s Playhouse, Planet Rocke is a place where both the interviewers and interviewee unleash the child within.  More of a sitcom about a music talk show from space.  Although we are dealing with alien crew members, their life like personal problems and family drama’s are no different from humans, making them completely relatable.  You will laugh with them, cry with them and fall in love with each and every member of the planet rock team.
The talk show segment is great, not bogged down with your average stuffy interview questions.  Rather the questions explore what makes today’s most noteworthy musicians tick. The show features today’s hottest musicians, actors and talents — artists who don’t necessarily fit into one category.  With legendary Kim Fowley, Asher Roth and Ben Lee opening the series, the fun continues with more guests transcending genre with talent.
Taylor’s house band “The Roughs” fronts in Planet Rocke’s Velveteen Laboratory, his galactic recording studio made of velvet.  He and his eclectic wingman, Pterry T. Pterodactyl (Rooney’s Ned Brower) kick off the show, while rehabilitated girl robot Trixie (Mischa Barton) serves cupcakes to guests and pursues a romance with Taylor.   As the three returned to the lab to finish the show, they discovered three Fuzzy creatures abandoned outside a gas station.  Father Fuzoko, his charming wife Fuzuka and young Fuzuki were happy to find work, completing Planet Rocke.
Right-hand man Pterry opens each episode announcing the show with razor-sharp charisma and sarcasm.  Before Planet Rocke, he toured the world as a drummer, and while he claims his drumming days are over, he’s always finding new ways to get behind the kit.  Taylor and Pterry enjoy weekly trips to the junk yard to collect old musical instruments and amps, refurbishing them to achieve best possible sounds in the studio.
The Fuzzy family is your average loving family.  Sure they have their ups and downs.  Sure they are covered in fuzz and can’t move their mouths.  But at the end of the day the Fuzzies are no different from you and me.  Like the characters of “Sex and the City,” no matter who you are, there is a fuzzy that you can relate to.
Fuzuko- The Father (Patrick O’Sullivan) A depressed alcoholic due to his wife Fuzuka, who has “Let herself go”.  He is constantly drinking “SPACE” juice.  Often drinking too much thus puking up piles of Glitter-Slime vomit.  In 2007 he was diagnosed with a Rumor that spreads every time it is mentioned.
Fuzuka- The Mother (Carissa Gipprich) Disconnected, overweight and sluggish–but does not seem to be aware of her condition.  She is mellow and overly emotional, wondering why Fuzuko will not be intimate with her anymore.  She fills the void by eating Trixie’s cupcakes.  She seems unaware of her son Fuzuki most of the time, leaving him to run wild.
Fuzuki- The Son (Renaldo Odlaner) Fuzuki is a trouble maker and a show off.  Believing he stands for counterculture, he is constantly making statements through his attire and mischief.  He attempts to sabotage the show when he does not get his way.  He is always going through phases with the way he talks, acts and dresses.
This unforgettable group of six relaunched “Planet Rocke with Taylor Locke–Live at the Velveteen Laboratory” and haven’t looked back since.  Join this amazing crew on a epic adventure through the cosmic galaxy as you follow their life as a family, coinciding with the broadcast of a music talk show featuring today’s most exciting, well-rounded artists.
Check out the show website (http://planetrocke.tv) and show teaser featuring legendary American record producer, songwriter and filmmaker KIM FOWLEY. Out now, with full episodes coming soon!

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