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The Ladygunn street team asked some hipster types in NY and LA what their biggest heartbreak was. From losing children to being left in Alaska,  it turns out even these cities’ finest are not invincible to destroyed hearts.

From Left: Janelle Welsh, “Heartbreak is leaving someone you love in order to take care of yourself. I left my husband this morning. I promised I would never love someone who didn’t love my back. I left because I thought I was breaking that promise to myself.” Justin W, “I’m still waiting…I’ve never had anyone close to me pass away…I’ve had two long term relationships that ended wit us being close friends…my childhood dog got run over, but I never liked that mutt anyway. I have feelings, I swear. It’ll happen.” Patty Crane,  “An out-of-work mortician came home for the summer and made all the high school girls want to die for him (We didn’t).”

From Left: Patrick Houston, “I went to see my favorite band, Judas Priest. When I got there some guy named “Ripper Owens” was singing for them instead of Rob Halford and it was a total letdown.” Carly F. Miller, Owner of Pull My Daisy boutique, “When my t-shirt company closed after five years of selling incredible tees and raising $100,000 for progressive political causes. “,Denise Arias, “I recently had 2 roommates fight over me after I slept with both of them.”

From Left: Christine, “Everyone says revenge is a dish best served cold. The same can be said for heart- break. Especially when you get dumped. On Christmas Eve. In Alaska. Cold” Jena Mason, “The 23rd of every month, especially in the winter months, as I am constantly reminded of the loss of my best friends and most loved creatures of the world and wishing I could celebrate the day I came into the world instead of the day they all left it. “, Diego, “When I lied to my girlfriend.”

Mario Castro, “That the girl I love has a boyfriend.”

From Left: Chris Ward, “My baby’s mother recently got married to a dude in the Army and took my kid with them to Oklahoma while I’m here in LA. And she’s prego with his kid now. Yah!” Chariss Howard, “When I left my son in the Philippines. I need to work in this other place to support my whole family.” Andrew Knauerm, “I live inside a protective force field of sarcasm, as a result my run ins with heartbreak are limited to money I’ve lost gambling.”

From Left going Clockwise: Jason Skonieczny, “It’s hard to decide if it’s a bigger heartbreak when someone doesn’t love you back although you love them or if it’s when someone does something to you or says something or won’t do or say something – and then because of hat you can’t love them anymore. I’ve definitely had both” Cam Slocum, Urban Famer ,  “Heartbreak is unavoidable and inevitable and it sucks” Shina Devon, “When my sister was little, she loved horses. Forth grade was a hard year so I decided that this birthday was the one to get her her very own horse. So I broke my piggy bank and went to her riding instructor to try to buy her horse for her. She shot me down and send me home, and sent me down my path towards cynicism.”

Freddie, artist “Admitting that I like LA better than NY.”

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