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writer / Gina Tron

photographer / John Micheal Fulton

styling / Chris Horan @TMG-LA

makeup: Amy Strozzi @ TMG-LA using Tarte

hair /  Bobby Eliot @ TMG-LA using Elchim tools, R+co

photographer’s assistants / Joe Gunawan

“I like to call myself a purple kitten, that’s what I feel like I am,” said Olivia Crocicchia when asked what her spirit animal may be. She added that her boyfriend tells her that she often reminds him of a chihuahua. “I shake a lot when I’m cold or nervous or excited.”
Nineteen year old Olivia said she is drawn to the more controversial roles. “I hope to do as many roles out of my comfort zone as I can,” she said, adding that she loves pushing herself. She said her dream is to be in a period piece. She is currently working on her British dialect in hopes for that, which she says she has difficulty with.
She first started her acting career back in 2003 with roles on Law and Order. For seven years she played Katy Gavin on the show, Rescue Me. She had a breakout role in 2013 with James Franco’s PALO ALTO directed by Gia Coppola. She starred in Men, Women, and Children, a film that dealt with teenage social problems. She said she could relate to all the characters in it, which was why she was attracted to the project in the first place. “There’s the pressure to have sex in high school, how much kids talk about that and what that leads to. Eating disorders, those “thinspo” blogs in the film are a real thing, and that storyline honestly hurts my heart.”
The most recent role she played was as a bipolar teenage mother for a Lifetime murder mystery called The Neighbor. She said its like nothing Lifetime has done before and to keep an eye out for it. Helena Bonham Carter is her all time favorite actress and she also loves Daniel Day Lewis and Geoffrey Rush’s acting abilities. She said that Jason Reitman, who directed Thank You for Smoking and Juno, will always be number one in her idol book.
Olivia said as she is about to enter her twenties the range of roles she reads for is increasing. Olivia also expressed excitement at the fact that there are more strong-female roles. “More and more people are catching on and seeing that those sorts of roles should be portrayed and that is really exciting for me.”
She said that she gets an indescribable feeling each time she gets on set. “Just pure joy I guess, like there’s no other place in the word I’d rather be than right there on set. I was always home schooled and grew up on sets, so it just feels familiar, like home.” Olivia graduated from her home schooled high school at the age of fifteen. “I knew and my parents knew school n’t for me and I had a true passion for acting.” She said balancing school and acting wasn’t difficult because being home schooled allowed her to study her own curriculum.
Olivia admits she is not a morning person but said when she does wake up early she takes morning walks by the beach. She lives right next to a beach in Hermosa. “ I’m a pretty boring, mellow person to be honest,” Olivia said, who spends most of her time watching television and films when she is not working or auditioning.

sweater and skirt, Lucy Paris.

Look 1:romper, Lucy Paris. shoes,Vince Camuto. bra, For Love and Lemons .

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