Michael K

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Photos: Shanna Fisher
We all know his site. The one you go to in-between uploading something for your boss. The site that you  scroll down and then have the occasionally laugh out loud because something so snarky, true and funny has been written  by Michael K about some, well d-listed, or a-listed or not -listed person.
Michael K. is the blogger best know as DLISTED that is one of the most viewed Celebrity Sites on the Internet. He will never tell me what “K” stands for but to him its probably fun to be a little anonymous and not too famous but just enough for Solange Knowles to call him out for calling her “Basement Baby” on his site.
Over here at Ladygunn headquarters we are going to DLISTED at least 5 times a day. Yeah he thinks he doesn’t have a life. It has becoming somewhat of an addiction, almost as much as daydreaming about those purty brown eyes.
Yeah we totally have a big huge gay crush on Micheal.


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