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story and photos / Joshua Shultz

Flipping a Fender Stratocaster upside-down, acclaimed singer/songwriter/lefty guitarist Malina Moye fills a void in the entertainment industry. Described as a modern day renaissance woman, she’s a quadruple threat, carving out her own lane in today’s music scene as one of the few artists in history able to straddle both Rock and Soul genres. Moye’s musical narrative boasts an impressive resume that includes making history as the first woman to play the National Anthem on guitar at a professional sporting event, all the way to performing at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tribute concert for music pioneer Chuck Berry. And recently, Malina was praised by Jet Magazine as “the highlight of the evening” after she headlined the largest peace concert on the west coast with Chaka Khan honoring the legendary humanitarian Stevie Wonder.
Ladygunn caught up with Malina Moye in sunny Los Angles…

When did you start playing guitar?
I started taking it seriously when I was nine.
Tell me about your new album?
I like to think its Rock meets Soul with catchy hooks that capture the essence of the late 70’s in a current radio format for today’s listeners. I love guitars and sonic grooves.
Tell me about your relationship with Fender?
I love Fender. They are the best guitar makers on the planet!  I endorse them all the way and I think it’s a great marriage. My sound and tone is a Fender Strat!
How do you feel about being compared to Jimi Hendrix?
I think it’s one of the best compliments you can get as a guitarist and I’m honored, but I’m no Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix changed music as we know it. He is the greatest guitarist of all time.
What was it like playing on top of the castle?
I was so nervous but excited! It was a great honor to play God Save the Queen after Lord March made a toast to Queen Elizabeth on the weekend of her 60th Coronation Anniversary. And then the amazing Red Arrows flew over my head as I played. In a way, it felt like I was part of history and I had the best view in the house. Or should I say ‘on the house.’ Lol.
Where will you be playing on your tour?
We’ve played all over Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, the UK and we’re gearing up for club dates!
What message would you give to young aspiring artist out there who want to make art success in creating art?
I would say find the uniqueness in you and believe in yourself at all costs! It may not happen overnight but I assure you it will! The cream always rises to the top. Keep going and love what you do, because it’s a bumpy ride. If you love it you will enjoy the journey!

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