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Photographer/ Leila Morrissey

Hair + make-up / SandraDene Fearon

Stylist /  Beverly Osemwenkhae

Stylist Assistant / Heather Rae Mitchell

Models / Alana, Brenda, Olivia and Stephanie @Re:Quest Model Management


Button-up shirt, Religion. Jewelry, Religion. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC.

Shirt, Holy Tee. Pants, True Royal. Suspenders, Stylist’s own. Jewelry, Brandon Son. Boots, Ash. Hat,JJ Hat center NYC.

Bustier, Holy Tee. High-waist pants, Samantha Pleet. Suspenders, Stylist’s own. Jewelry, Osanna. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC.


From Left; Shirt, Holy Tee. Pants, N21. Suspenders, stylist’s own. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC. Button-up shirt, Religion. Lace lingerie, Holy Tee. Stocking, Hue. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC. Shirt, Religion. Shawl jacket, Won Hundred. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC. Crushed gray vintage button up shirt, Religion. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC.


Blouse and jeans, N21. Cuff and suspenders, Stylist’s own. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC. Shirt, TÔ Long Nam Shirt. Pants, True Royal. Suspenders, Stylist’s Own. Zipper belt, Religion. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC.

From Left: Shirt, Holy Tee. Pants, True Royal. Supenders, Stylist’s own. Booties, Tania Spinelli. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC. Trench jacket, Religion. Silk V-neck shirt, Holy Tee. Wide-leg pants, Black Halo. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC. Asymmetrical dress, Religion. Suspenders and skinny belt, Stylist’s own. Military boots, Tania Spinelli. knife ring, Brandon Sun. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC. Rebel Shirt, Religion. Rip distress jeans and suspenders, Stylist’s own. Boots, Ash. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC.

Button-up shirt, Religion. Pants, N21. Suspenders, Stylist’s own. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC.


Top From Left: Shirt, Maggie Ward. Trousers, True Royal. Suspenders, Stylist’s own. Necklace, Religion. Patent booties, Tania Spinelli. Hat,  JJ Hat center NYC. Button up shirt, Religion. Skinny jeans, Won Hundred Skinny jeans. White leather jacket, Scott. Ring, Religion. Boots, Ash. Hat, JJ Hat center NYC.

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