Like A Lamb To The Slaughter

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At 25 years old; Paul Brickman is a rising star on the NYC Photography scene. His photographs show a unique perspective on what’s alluring and controversial, and gives a new platform to contemporary art.  He challenges his audience to look deeper into the idea of  the “sex symbol” through examples of dark social commentary, in a new series titled, Like A Lamb To The Slaughter. This sexy, scary, and always unique body of work serves as a visual commentary on our society; seeking acclaim while slipping into the herd.
This June marks the Lamb series’  first chance for an audience to experience the exhibition in it’s entirety. However, before he and his team can execute a show, they need to fund the printing, framing, mounting, and transporting for all pieces. This is where we implore you to help and donate. Please click on the following link to explore how you can participate:
In exchange for donations, Paul will be giving out special treats and rewards such as signed postcards and artist catalogs, and selected images from the series.
Please spread the word: share with friends and colleagues.
For more information about Paul and his work, please click over to We look forward to seeing the exhibition in June! – Tina Miller


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