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Photo: Mae Elvis
Carousel – NYC is well on its way to being one of the most talked about indie platforms around. Producing such videos for the Acrylics, The Royal Chains and more coming up, the artful, subtle, and hip videos are fun to watch and go great with the music accompanied. We got a chance to sit down with the head of Carousel – NYC, Kerry Taylor and ask her a few questions about her style, her vision and whats up for Carousel.
LG: What is Carousel – NYC?
KT: Carousel – NYC is my production company I started when 3 crazy-talented and awesome directors from Paris (ab/cd/cd) mentioned their interest in making a music video for the band, Acrylics. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch Carousel, an idea I had been thinking about for about 8 months prior.
Since the Acrylics video for “Lil Ivy” was released, Carousel has been building steadily taking on more and more productions. So far, I have produced a few Indie Rock music videos, but there are documentaries and other genres of music videos in the works as we speak.
LG: What draws you to making music videos?
KT: I think my background in dance, art and music definitely explains what draws me to making music videos. I’ve been a dancing for 22 years and majored in studio art in college. My brother is a professional musician (for the band Grizzly Bear) so music has also played a large role in my life. Music videos provide a way to harmonize dance, art & music into one medium. You have to be able to feel music physically to translate that feeling into corresponding pictures then synchronize those images onto the screen to represent the music.

LG: What bands are you listening to right now?
KT: Right now? I’m really into music I can play while I work like: Keepaway, Beach Fossils, or Atlas Sound. If I am zoning out too much I’ll put on some Creedance Clearwater, The Rolling Stones, Class Actress, Miike Snow, or Passion Pit, but that’s just this week.
LG: What is the hardest part about running your own production company?
KT: The hardest part about running your own production company is making sure you take every step carefully. If I want Carousel to be as successful I need to build a solid foundation to grow from. I learn so much from production to production that one would never consider unless they ran one themselves. Things like, getting insurance, maintaining a happy crew, and making sure everything is in line for the shoot day in order for the production to run smoothly. You kind of have to be everyone’s mother; make sure they are all fed, happy and have their toys.
LG: Where do you see Carousel in 5 years?
KT: Having an office! I’d love to separate my work space from my living space into an office somewhere I can truly focus and be in one specific place for one specific reason – to work. Luckily my roommates are cool that Staples bombs our living room every time I am working on a shoot, but I am sure they, too, would prefer to have me set up shop someplace else.
Which leads me to my dream office: I want a big office with white walls, lofted ceilings, lots of windows and my logo for Carousel NYC silk-screened on the wall behind a cute receptionist with glasses who answers my phone, “Carousel?… Please hold…”
I also want an old popcorn machine, a big kitchen with a fridge full of leftover craft service and a large oak table to hold conferences. A large Victorian couch would also be somewhere in the office so people can relax and chat. I suppose the talent would also sit here at some point reading People or Ladygunn Magazine, of course.
LG: What is a staple in your closet while you’re on set?
KT: Closed-toe shoes are required of anyone working on a film set, so I usually swing a classy flat.  You have to be prepared to get dirty when on set too, so I usually wear something comfortable and nice, but not dry-clean only. Also, never wear all white.
LG: What inspires you?
KT: I am inspired by other young founders of awesome production companies; like Clare Holden of Mucha Marcha (London) and Elsa Rakotoson of Frenzy (Paris).
I’m also inspired by the enthusiasm and excitement of the crew that work with Carousel productions to make something cool. It’s their pride and dedication that drive me to keep making videos and grow as a company to bigger and better gigs to bring them along.
LG: Who would you love to work with?
KT: It would be my dream to work with Michel Gondry. Not only do I love French films, but I love the color pallet and playful quirkiness of his work. I think his childlike mentality would be really fun to collaborate with on and off set.
LG: What makes you a Ladygunn (fun, awesome, fearless girl)?
KT: I’d say that being a young entrepreneur of the film production world makes me a Ladygunn. I figure, in order to be a Ladygunn, you got to have guts and starting your own company takes lots of guts, strong guts. Like the kind that can withstand anything!
LG: What is Carousel NYC working on now?
KT: This is has been a busy, busy summer for Carousel. We just wrapped out a music video for the The Royal Chains’s song “Lucy Takes the Dare” (directed by Ian Lynch) and are now getting ready to shoot “Don’t Stop Dancing [feat. Haley]” by Kaskade (directed by Clayton Vomero) and “Black Girls in Dresses” by Tony Castles (directed by Jordan Fish). Stay tuned for more…

Photos: Chris Rodriguez

Acrylics “Lil Ivy” from Carousel Productions – NY on Vimeo.

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