Ladygunn Holiday Gift Guide; One Stop Shops

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Fuck the holidays. Especially in NYC when it’s round the clock mass consumerism and annoying Christmas music sung by stupid pop stars in places that should be free from this propaganda. I don’t want to hear it! Luckily there are some upsides to the most dreadful time of the year, including spending time with family and friends and most importantly, the gifts. If you get good shit then it almost makes the inquires about your career plans and love life worth it. Who cares if your mom wants to know when you’re going to start utilizing your uterus, if she gives you a stack of cash and some new boots. Who cares if your best friend gets wasted at a holiday party and makes out with your crush if she is handing you a gift certificate to Nasty Gal (which better be for over $100 if she pulls anything like that). I’ve put together a one stop shop to gift the variety of women in your life. Here are some gift ideas;


For your smart, preppy, downtown cool friend: You know the kind who still reads Hemingway and would probably be Woody Allen’s greatest muse if he just happened upon her sitting outside of a cute cafe on W10 and 6th drinking something bougie like a latte. She is always quoting someone dead and she has  the most amazingly thick perfect eyebrows out of anyone you know. 1. Sadie Dress 2.Sweet Nothing Brass Necklace 3. Long Helm Coat 4. Cage Cuff 5. Leather Satchel. Ps. They come in all thees colors and pink……

Leather Satchel - 11" Leather Satchel - 11" Leather Satchel - 11"Leather Satchel - 11" Leather Satchel - 11"


For your too cool rocker friend: The one that you are constantly defending, “She is actually really nice…” Her voice is raspy and deep. She is always dating some guy in an up and coming rock band. She paints, plays guitar, sings in three bands and is also a model. Why does she act like life is soooo cruel? Anyway get her,  2.Double Leather Cuff Sweater 3.Pocket Oversized Tee 5.Limited Edition-Reversible Leather Cross Tank


For your super bro’ed out tomboy friend: The girl that you love to hang out with because she doesn’t give a shit and is down for whatever. She is the girl who says things, like, “I seriously don’t hang out with any girls,” but coming from her this statement is not annoying because she is like a dude, who dates hot dudes and introduces her hot dude friends to you! Keep this one around, shower her with gifts. 1.GIRLS AND THEN DREAM TEE 2.SKULLY WALL CLOCK 3.KEEP CALM PILLOWCASE 5.GIRLS SPACE CADET LOGO TEE 6.FLYING PIG X-MAS ORNAMENT

Nasty Gal

Ugh. For the skinny, pretty, annoyingly hot hipster friend:  You want to hate her but she is genuinely sweet and sincere just gifted with an amazing face, style and body. She is the kind of girl who is effortless in everything and has things like Chanel nail polish in her bag. WTF. #jealous  1.Victoria Peplum Dress 2.Peplum Moto Skirt 3.Arrowhead Ring 5.Crossroads Bodysuit 6. Tardy Platform Boot

American Apparel

For the free loving, intellectual, smart friend: She writes poetry,  has small tits, doesn’t wear a bra and everyone is always asking her, “Are you a model?” or “Where are you from?” She is into social conscience things that escaped your mind to ever care about, like conflict minerals. Everything she wears is super clean and simple.  She also has the most amazingly thick perfect eyebrows out of anyone you know. 1.Long Sleeve Bodysuit 2.Chiffon A-Line Maxi Dress 3.Large Leather Carry-All Pouch 5. Cotton Spandex Jersey Tube Dress.6.Shiny Nylon Tricot Legging

For me: 1. Cash 2. I will always be obsessed with No.6 boots. 3. Same goes for the Grey Ant Status sunglasses, send me a pair already! 5. Lets both get drunk. 6. I love The Sway Decker Jacket.


For pretty much anyone: I believe gifts are something that should keep on giving. I have never bought a vibrator and wouldn’t even know where to begin (I have severe sex shop anxiety) but wouldn’t this be the perfect thing to get from someone to take the shame and shyness out of buying one for yourself? 1. Lelo Olga 2.Siri 5.Forbidden Fruit

Happy Holidays!

xx Koko

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