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FLOR, MALE, SIL IN 1983 & 2010

Buenos Aires based photographer Irina Werning has a refined way of taking pictures that seems to incorporate time as much as space, light and color. Her Back To The Future series is a fascinating project that started when she convinced friends and family to recreate their old photos of which she realized she was a bit ‘obsessive’. The resemblances of the past and future images are eerily spot on and all consuming to say the least. With Back To The Future II being launched this month our team picked out some of their favorite pictures form the first series. (Koko Ntuen)

INGRID IN 1987 & 2010, Buenos Aires

LALI IN 1978 & 2010, Buenos Aires

MARITA & COTY IN 1977 & 2010, Bueno

IAN IN 1984 & 2010, London

Lulu & G in 1980 & 2010, Buenos Air

MECHI IN 1990 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Nico in 1986 & 2010, Buenos Aires


CECILE IN 1987 & 2010, France

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