Weather Girl

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Disco the cocktail being served by Heidi Webster…the LA artist who has been unveiling a steady stream of singles this year. ‘Writing on the Wall’ yesterday’s release was the breeze of fresh air blowing into a strobe lit Uber, registering as sultrier in tone. Debuting in 2020, this year’s singles have been a progressive build up and was accompanied by a music video.


1.) Your absolute favorite disco track?

I am absolutely obsessed with the disco era! It is way too hard to choose just one but every time I hear It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls I just get so excited. My goal is to put out some music in the future that gives a nod to the disco era. 

2.) If someone asked you to write something with lipstick on a club wall what would you write?

“Work in Progress” 

3.) You’re favorite bird?

I have actually created a little sign with the Universe. When I am looking for a sign or hoping that I am on the right path I ask to see a Hummingbird. They are these gorgeous, magical, and elusive creatures and every time I see one I take it as a little smile from the Universe reminding me to smile and that I’m on the right track in life. 

4.) SIlver of gold jewelry?

Definitely gold. I remember hating gold as a child and silver was much more popular. But somewhere in my 20’s I switched to a goldy girl and now I am hooked. 

5.) Your pop music is very cinematic…is there a particular movie that gives you inspiration?

Ooooo!! Great question. I am a huge movie fanatic and a lot of my music is inspired by film. Bridgerton was actually the specific inspiration behind the Coldplay cover,  A Sky Full of Stars.  

6.) Your favorite restaurant?

Is McDonalds considered a restaurant? Asking for a friend. 

7.) The worst advice you’ve been given?

“Try PDO threads.” I’m dying laughing as I think of this. I love to try the new preventative beauty trends that are going around. This particular trend involved putting dissolvable threads under the skin on your neck and face (via needles) to prevent aging. OMG!!!! Worst procedure of my life. 

8.) Your favorite cocktail?

I’m definitely a Diet Coke gal. If I’m being real I’m most likely an addict. Been trying to quit for years. 

9.) Leather or lace?

Ahhhhh! This is so hard to choose. Some days I love leather and some days I feel the lace vibe. Because I consider myself a true Libra, I love balance, so my ideal vibe would be a combination of both. 

10.) What do you feel that the world needs right now?

Empathy. I think if we all took the time to have the patience to find understanding in human beings and make connections, there would be a lot less pain. 

And also, we could use more Randy’s donut shops. Just saying. 


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Story/Alexander Mays

Photos/Kat Hennessy

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