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Emerging vocalist Anna Shoemaker’s debut single ‘Everything Is Fine’ emanates from two years of diary entries dishing a variety of melody and lyricism. Reminiscent of Sofia Coppola, the title track informs us of Anna’s indie punk proclivity. From Delta to Omnicron, Anna traces her journey through turbulence towards self-actualization with a diaphanous voice captured in her upcoming March release featuring eleven singles. Anna was eager to share some of her thoughts going into the new year.



NY Resolutions?


I usually set some resolutions. I think this year I’m trying to be more intentional; I’m trying to focus my energy more on things that are better for my mental health.


Your experience?


It’s been a rollercoaster. Since I was young, I’ve had highs and lows, and I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression over the past ew years. I try to take it day by day, or even hour by hour sometimes depending on what I need. I think it’s about learning to listen to yourself.


‘Everything Is Fine’?


We’ve been going back and forth about this video for a while, and I’m very visual, so working with someone like Josefina the director is great as I’m also a visual creative. For me I’m really inspired by the emotion, and the stylist Cassidy really helped me to become this version of myself that was hurting when I wrote the song, which made it easier for me to express what the song meant to me.


Sonically, how would you describe the album?


For me it’s a diary. It’s a little bit all over the place…there’s a lot of elements of rock, indie rock…and then there’s also a lot of pop elements. I feel like with my sounds I’m always trying to grow and be the most actualized version of myself. The more people I work with the more I learn about myself, so I feel like this album is the most I have learned so far about making things sound how I want them to feel.


Middle Part?


Working with them was awesome…it’s nice to work with people that you feel comfortable with, and that really understand me. We weren’t even planning to put this out, we were just writing it as an exercise. I was going through a breakup, and I felt that I was at my wits end, feeling like nothing was going well. Over time we hashed it out, and it ended up becoming one of my favorite songs, and the title of the album!


Your image?


That’s the worst part, because I don’t like to create an image, so when that gets criticized, that’s me getting criticized. People have tried to change the way that I am and so sometimes it’s hard not to take that personally.


Bedroom Pop?


In my mind, the idea behind that is me writing in my room, which is how I found myself as an artist. I didn’t have friends in music, my parents, my family… they’re not in music, so I think that’s what I feel most comfortable doing, writing by myself. I also think that the sound is a lot bigger on this album; I think it’s cool to see that transition. This whole album is the best and the worst of my diary…excerpts of everything that’s gone on over the past two years.


What has the response been like from your debut?


I think that the title song really encapsulates the whole album. To me, there’s a juxtaposition between everything being fine, but also feeling as if you’re literally on fire! I really tend to be very emotional, and let myself go a lot of times, so I think that’s kind of how I roll.


The EP?


I think that with this album I had a little bit more control because I knew what I wanted. When I was younger, I gave a lot of creative control to other people which is fine, but I was lucky enough to learn from that. I think with this album it’s a lot of my decisions, which feels good. I didn’t necessarily write it as an album, I’m very melodically driven, and I wanted to arrange it in a way that told a story. Having the different melodies and having so many different sounds it makes for a better story, because that’s how life is. Things change and we have different feelings, and I feel like that reflects how things have gone for me over the past years.


Your favorite color?


Green! Like a neon green…or even like a forest green.


Your favorite color nail polish?


A red…a Marilyn Monroe red!


Your favorite food?


Curry udon soup!


Your favorite bird?


I hate birds! I’ve had too many traumatic experiences with them…I was trapped in a raspberry patch once with a bird, and I just really can’t stand the flapping.




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