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Electronic pop gets a new ringtone this week as Sofi Vonn debuts her first EP today. The London based  vocalist tackles her emotion headfirst in five singles that are as exposing as they are candid.


How do you feel about this new EP?

I’m excited cuz it’s my first!


Is there a particular song that speaks to you now?

‘Anxiety’ always speaks to me in general, but I don’t have as bad anxiety as when I wrote it. I think I always like ‘Stranger’; I’d say ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Stranger’. I’m really excited for these to be out.


How would you describe your anxiety?

I’ve always had it, and then I stopped having it like a year and a half ago, but the song is about when I didn’t have it for three months, and then it came back, and my anxiety is kind of a response to it. So now whenever I hear it, it just reminds me…that’s how it felt when I wrote the song.


‘is it a crime’?

I just really wanted a relationship at the time I think…I like the acoustic version more than the original one. I think I was just really embarrassed in my head about wanting a relationship. I never really admitted that.



I’m pretty confident about it now. In between, I had a relationship and now I’m out of one again. I guess that it’s an eternal mood…I mean, I guess everyone wants a meaningful relationship.



For these songs not specifically, but for my newer stuff I’ve been listening to a lot of Christine and the Queens, and that electronic pop vibe. I have three more singles coming out next year. Tate McCray is also a new artist that I really like…for pop it’s just the general charts, but my playlist is so random honestly. I don’t try to emulate, but I think subconsciously I know of all the songs in my head.


Is there a genre that is your favorite?

I have different ones for when I’m chilling and partying, my playlist used to be just straight techno. I don’t really listen to pop that much when I’m on my own, but I like when it comes on the radio, and I like performing it.


How do you see yourself evolving?

Yeah, I definitely just wanna to keep growing, and playing and putting out as many songs as I can…maybe work on more choreography. I only just released my first pop single this year, so I’m excited to see what I do in the next two years cuz they will be pivotal towards what I do.

A favorite pet?

Skittles…it’s a corgi! I’ve also had this stuffed animal named Nikki…it’s a sheep. My mom has ten chihuahuas…but that doesn’t count!


On a scale from one to ten where do you fall on the introverted extroverted scale?

Like a seven… towards extroverted. Like when I’m out, I’ll talk a lot…and I’m not shy about that.


Partying in the Big Smoke?

Dalston Superstore’s fun, they do a drag brunch sometimes…that’s cool! I went to Printworks for the first time recently and that was really fun but it’s such a huge club so I wouldn’t really go there all the time. I’m definitely going to have more to see since I only just moved here last September.


Would there be a song on your playlist that you’d be embarrassed for other people to know about?

Stitch by Shawn Mendes…or Birthday by Katy Perry. But I don’t listen to those songs anymore!






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