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Juggling creative pursuits, Mary Sho styles, sings, and acts in a cloud of big smoke. A Jaqueline of all trades…Sho, the ardent Londoner divides her time amongst artistic talents all while letting us in on some of her favorite secrets.


Tell us a bit about yourself…

I started off with acting when I was younger, music was there but it was just something that I did in my own space. When I started at uni…that’s when I started to pursue it more seriously, and it incorporated performing arts anyway, so I started doing backup for artists, until I started on my own. I had a few setbacks, and so I paused with music for a bit and then I came back. I really came back properly in 2018 when I released my single ‘Black Girls’ and then I changed my name. Because I used to direct my own music videos I got into styling, and here I am now doing a bit of everything!


How do you feel as a creative?

I’d still like to keep things eclectic…I’m trying to find my genre, and I think I’m more geared towards exploring my creativity. I don’t want to be bound to one medium. Who knows what I’ll be doing in the next couple years, but I will always love music…my heart and soul.


How would you describe your style?

I’m a bit of a clasher…I’ll wear like a very bougee coat and then have trainers on, or now I really love vinyl. Materials have always triggered my senses, and I’m obsessed with vinyl now. If anyone knows me I have so many vinyl coats, faux leather trousers, shiny shirts, because I love the way it makes me feel. I love anything that just makes me feel good, so same with the music…you can’t really define it. I’d say its alternative…it spins off funk, soul, punk, rock…you’ll see different eras on me, and the same with my music. The essence of it all is always very soulful, playful and that’s how I create.


Who do you dress for?

I dress for me! I used to try and fit in because obviously being nearly 6ft tall, and black you’re automatically drawing attention. I used to try and tone it down for everyone, but then I got to a point when I said F*** that…I need to feel good, and if people look at me so what! Maybe I’ve inspired someone today. You are the way you are for a reason…it serves its purpose.


A favorite movie?

That’s easy! I would say Edward Scissorhands…I can still watch that movie today and tear up. I think the older I get the more I watch it differently. It also reminds me of my childhood, feeling left out…being the oddball. I can relate to the character… he looks scary and intimidating, but he’s a real softie.


A pet peeve?

“Every time I see you you have a new hairstyle.” Yeah, I’m black! I can’t keep my braids in for a year honey…my hair will fall out. I have to change my hair!



I feel that people take art for granted. We need art, we need artists, I just feel like we need to be considered more. I think that things are going to get back on track, as we are moving towards a new norm, but I still feel like we’ve lost a lot of artists in that essence, so I think the future will definitely be interesting.


Would you eat an avacado frie?

Only if it was made crispy…if not no!








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