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Wild Rivers, the group effort fusing indie, pop and folk released their full length album “Sidelines” on Friday. Sonically oceanic, the album washes over us with a soulful riptide, while melancholy chords and emotive vocals project a vastness and detail the uncertainty of tomorrow. An album for a drive, or a jog…Wild Rivers lets loose.
How did you guys meet?
In college, through friends.
Your favorite touring snack?
Devan…Dried mango.
Andrew says NOT corn nuts, but he buys them at every gas station only to remember he hates them. His real answer is hummus and pita!
A favorite shoe?
Devan…Doc Martens 
Your fondest touring experience?
Devan…Playing the Troubadour (Hollywood, California) during our 2021 fall tour. It’s a venue we had always aimed to play because of its legendary history. My dad’s favorite artist growing up was Elton John, so he had taught me all the Troubadour lore. It ended up being just as special an experience as we all imagined it would be.
Andrew…Traveling the world with my homies. 
Your favorite movie?
Devan…Harry Potter, and Good Will Hunting
A song that you guys would play on repeat?
Devan…I’ll never get sick of ‘Pink and White’ by Frank Ocean or ‘Me and My Dog’ by Boygenius.
Andrew…’Many Times’ by Dijon 
A favorite album?
Devan…”The Party” by Andy Shauf, “Blonde” by Frank Ocean, “Parachutes” by Coldplay 
Andrew…”Is This It” by The Strokes
A crazy thing that’s happened lately?
Devan: We solved today’s Wordle in 3 tries.
Drink of choice?
Devan…Room temperature water, or a margarita.
Andrew…Topo Chico, we don’t have them in Canada so when we come across them on tour we load up as many as we can.
Your favorite party trick?
Devan…Irish exit
Andrew…The worm




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