India de Beaufort

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story / Ilyse Kaplan

photography / PAYAM

styling / India de Beaufort

hair + makeup / Stephanie Navarro @  Jenny Karl hair +makeup Agency

When I met India De Beaufort on a rainy day in Beverly Hills, it seemed she not only brought her British charm, but the dreary weather along with her.  The actress, who currently stars as the conniving India Jourdain in the ABC Family hit show, JANE BY DESIGN, is much like her character—but not in the way you’d imagine.  Her gracious attitude is far from the evil ways of the onscreen India, but her love of fashion fits in perfectly with the role.
After appearing in children’s television shows and landing a supporting role in RUN FAT BOY RUN in the U.K., the Liverpool-born actress has found her groove in American television.  For this up and comer, I learned it’s not only her acting that fans can look forward to. She’s a female with great depth and a dedication to the hobbies she excels at.   So far, her passions have led her to success and even to styling her LADYGUNN shoot for herself.  There is no question De Beaufort will be on our radar for years to come, but in what arena?
LADYGUNN: The theme of this issue is obsession, so what are you obsessed with at the moment?
INDIA DE BEAUFORT: I’m always obsessed with crafts. Lately I’ve had this obsession with studs—nail head studs. I’m such a dork but I could spend all day—actually, I did spend all night last night and I’m going to spend all day today- studding. When I leave here, I’m going to the craft store to pick some up.

When you were younger what were you obsessed with?
Britney Spears.  When I was ten or eleven her performances were so thrilling.  She was by far the best performer out there.  Christina had the voice at the time but for me, I could watch Britney all day.  She was a big part of my life.
Your character on JANE BY DESIGN is obsessed with fashion, so what fashion are you into right now?
For me, it’s always vintage.  I do a lot of flea market shopping.  I love to take vintage pieces and do alterations.  I think this year there is going to be a real trend of 50’s pencil skirts.  I like that the look is more demure as opposed to revealing all your assets.  I was meant to be born in another time, except I would have been a feminist,  I couldn’t have been a wife at home.

I was noticing the fantastic clothes you get to wear on the show. Do you get to work with the stylist to choose your outfits?
I cannot take credit for that.  Olivia Miles does all the styling and she’s amazing.  She created this very unique idea of what the character is and what she wears and that’s why even when I’m sewing, I have Olivia in the back of my mind.
You seem to be the complete opposite of your character, being that you’re not a bitch. Where do you draw inspiration?
I don’t know that I’ve met anyone like [India Jourdain] in real life.  You definitely take pieces from people.  I watched Meryl Streep in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA – her depth is something I would like to work on more.  The writers write the words and I just have fun getting to say things I would never ordinarily say.  How often do you yell at someone or get up in their face?
Did you think “Jane By Design” would be such a success when you first read for the part?
Sometimes when you read for a job you just pick up a script and go, ‘Yep that’s it, that’s mine.’  That was a good feeling as well for the character because she just takes.  When we shot the pilot, we knew it was something special because girls love fashion and also it was fun and whimsical and light.  We got off to a steady start and we don’t know where it will go from here.  To be sitting here about to shoot more episodes is a great feeling.


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