In True VICE Fashion, It Goes to the Dogs

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story + photos / ALY VANDER HAYDEN

To kick off Fashion Week and celebrate the release of their 2012 Fashion Issue Wednesday night, VICE—of course—hosted a runway show with leather-clad pups at former strip club Westway. Led by their handler in a matching, shiny pleather ensemble, the doggies strutted down the catwalk to “Dance (Ass),” taking off articles of clothing along the way (well, at least the French Bulldog did). Camera flashes blinded half the crowd as fashion biddies double-fisting Budweisers (signaling the slightly open bar) and bloggers yielding iPhones tried to get a look at the mini-models. According to one woman, the event was “incredibly cruel, mean-spirited, and unbelievable,” accidentally leaving out fierce, fabulous, and fucking adorable.


Check out the doggies in their finest BDSM gear as well as the other looks from the “Doggy District” spread.


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