GUESTLIST: Renee Olstead's Classic Jams

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by / Erica Russell

We caught up with actress, TV star (Secret Life of the American Teenager), and musical artist Renee Olstead for this week’s decadently retro-themed guest playlist. The talented buxom beauty graced us with an eclectic mix of chilling classics and indie jams. Find out which artists inspire Ms. Olstead to write, and dance, with her top 10 favorite tracks at the moment.

Artie Shaw – “Nightmare”
“I love this track because it always sends a chill up my spine no matter how many times I listen to it.”
Serge Gainsbourg – “L’hôtel particulier”
“This one is so sexy. The way Gainsbourg speaks the lyrics is both flawless and effortless.”
Renee Olstead – “Sleepwalk”
“The third track I’ve released since I started collaborating my fiance/producer Tommy King (HAIM). Also, the first music vid that I produced myself. We shot at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, one of my favorite haunts.”

HAIM – “My Song 5”

“My favorite HAIM song. I’ve been to at least a dozen HAIM shows with my fiance (King), who is on the road playing with them. This song is always a highlight, so good live!”
Billie Holiday – “I’m a Fool to Want You”
“My favorite Billie record.”
Percy Faith – “Theme From A Summer Place”
“The perfect song for when the weather is just right.”
Nelson Riddle – “Lolita Ya Ya”
“As featured in the Kubrick classic… ‘How did they ever make a movie of Lolita?'”

Maata Haari – “Overseas”
“Obsessed with this sexy track from an obscure band fronted by Sunny Levine.”
Perez Prado – “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White”
“For when I’m feeling decadent.”
Frank Ocean/Earl Sweatshirt – “Super Rich Kids”
“Brilliant lyrics! I’ve always loved songs that give you such clear imagery. Blows my mind every time I listen: ‘Close your eyes for what you can’t imagine; we are the Xany gnashing; Caddy smashing, bratty ass; he mad, he snatched his daddy’s Jag; And used the shit for batting practice.'”

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