Ella B.

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Photography /David James.  Stylist / Imogen Wilson Stylist Assistant / Lottie Greally. Hair + Makeup /Unna at The Emerald Parlour. Model / Ella at Red Eleven. Interview /Koko Ntuen

Shirt; Stolen Girlfriends Club.  Skirt; Model’s own.  Ring; Mania Mania

Dress; Karen Walker. Ring;  Zora Boyd at Wunderkammer.

Dress, Karen Walker.  Ring; Zora Boyd at Wunderkammer.

Models Own Jacket

Shorts and Polo, Karen Walker. Ring; Mania Mania.

Dress; Karen Walker. Ring; Mania Mania.


What is your fashion inspiration? It’s ever changing, but right now I am inspired by Ilona Royce Smithkin, just her as a person, she is batshit crazy, in a good way, the best way
Who is the last person you kissed? It was so long I can’t remember, I think i’ve passed my one year anniversary.
What is Ladygunn? A magazine that opens readers into a wonderland of creativity.
What is your favorite thing Imogen was wearing when you guys did this shoot? Platforms, they were hot.
Who is your celebrity crush? Steve Carrell
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