Dai Burger

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shirt, Ammerman Schlosberg.

photo / Sam Evans-Butler

make up / Allie Smith using MAC Cosmetics

styling  / Alison Mazur

interview / Koko Ntuen

Sunglasses, Mercura. Stylists own jersey. Sweatpants,House Of Holland. Shoes, Patricia Fileds.

Happy Birthday Dai Burger. No better way to celebrate the day this burger beauty entered into the free world than to share a beautiful shoot and feature with this bombshell shell of a woman.
If you don’t know, well now you know, Dai Burger is the Queens born babe that has made herself a must have in the downtown scene and a WANT in the music industry, (fun fact, she was a backup dancer for Lil Mama, appeared in Beyonce’s music video “Party” and is an all around  badass.) With her first mix tape, My Mixxxy Tape she had us moving our bodies uncontrollable and singing things like, “Bad girls can’t even do the things I do, If you wanna be a wild thing you gotta do raw things” I mean her music is truly addictive. At the same time  you might find yourself obsessed with her colorful locks and face you can eat. Now with her newest efforts, RAW BURGER, she will attempt to satisfy your appetite but will probably leave you hungry for more. Bon Appétit!

What are you working on next?
So I JUST Dropped my Latest “IN YA MOUF” which was premiered via ComplexMag.com! Its such a good EP! I personally love my music, I tap into alot of untouched genre’s and make them my own. Its an infusion of Baltimore Club Mix, 90’s R&B meets New York New Wave. So next, I plan to continue pushing and performing tracks from IN YA MOUF, as well as a couple of my classics from previous Mixtapes. Hopefully a tour of the East coast entails. I’ll be in Chicago end of February. I also have some sickening visuals on the way.
Ever have any twitter feuds?
I don’t know if you guys keep up with me socially on the web, but my fans are really truly the greatest! All I ever receive is love via Twitter, its true! I’m a super sweet and funny girl (aside from what people may want to assume or make up in their head), so no one ever has a reason to want to beef with me. And if someone ever did step up, I’m sure my fans would rip em to shreds in a heartbeat, they’re that great! Follow me, I talk & follow back @DaiBurger!

Who are you crushing on now?
Hmmmm Well I’m pretty much Obsessed with JuicyJ! Idk if id quite say im crushing but I’ve def been keeping up with him and loving his flows, his fashion (I know his stylist Fatima very well, she’s got him lookin hella tight!) and just the way he’s been steadily doing his thing and claiming his lane. I have daydreams of working with him constantly. . . .sigh.
What did you wear on your last date?
Ughhh I don’t go on dates, nobody loves me! Lol, I kid I kid, but im always going on lunch & dinner dates with my homegirls. Last outing I showed up in some Camo pants, and a blinged out titty top under my fur. swag.
What’s the last song you listened to?
I just met & saw my Favorite Thug Misses Khia perform at The Westgay the other night so im totally on my Khia binge once again! She’s the illest, I Love bumping her track “Like Me”. She’s the rawest <3

What do you do to relieve stress?
My guitar is secretly my best friend. I can always get out whatever im feeling, good or bad, with my guitar, (who I call Pretty Ricky). I’m self taught, so I’m always creating the sweetest lil acoustic love songs or doing acoustic covers of rap songs. They make me feel better. One day ill shock the world with my magical acoustics…

What’s the title of the next song you are going to release?
Thats crazy because I’ve been asking myself the same question! I recently recorded a joint with Saint, a producer from LA, and let me just say the track is MAJOR. We’ve shot visuals and it should be ready very soon….. HOWEVER! I haven’t decided on the set Title for it yet! I want it to be a hard hitting title track, so im working on that…. but just know ITS COMING.
Who are you gonna give shoutout to?
I’d like to give a shout out to all my rappin homie’z reppin & holding the NYC down with me, That includes my sister JUNGLEPUSSY, Wavy Spice, KayRizz, Chapman, my producers & visual teams, and to all my fast food boo’z who support and hold me down! I lovessszzz yall <3

What’s your sign?
I am the definition of an Aquarian Woman. My Birthday is next week, feb 13th. Another awesome year of being “TIMELESS”…. I love being an Aquarius, i think thats the reason I am who I am today. We are so creative, unique, & unpredictable!
Describe your perfect Friday night?
A perfect Friday night would include some of my best homegirls coming thru to the Burger Salon. We’d make smoothies, awesome treats and a fab dinner, watch movies, talk shit & kick back. I love those moments.

Who’s your biggest musical influence?
My Biggest Musical influence w.o a doubt is The Dream. He’s written probably every hit song you love and he’s his own artist as well. My goal is to be a songwriter along side my craft, so he embodies EVERYTHING I could ever want to do! He writes for ALL the greatest, all while having his own identity in the music industry. And he’s fly as f*ck! I’d be lying if i said he hasn’t affected me musically more than anyone
What advice would you give to young girls who want to rap?
I’d say JUST DO IT. It is so true, you can LITERALLY DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO. I know it sounds cliche’ but YOUR SUCCESS is YOUR SUCCESS, no one else’s. Put your all into achieving every goal you set for yourself, and stay true and committed to those goals and yourself. Because in turn my friend, all those accomplishments you reach, are YOURS, and no one can EVER take that from you. As an independent artist who has built my own brand from the bottom up, I whole heartedly stand by and live by these words. The more seeds you plant, the better your harvest shall be. GO FOR IT! I know I still am. . . .

All clothing by Patricia Fields.

Shoes and dress both by, Ammeramn Schlosberg.



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