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Lauren Graham’s short CRUSH is a digital adventure that takes the heart on a wanderlust trail of the modern age. The film stars, a smart phone and two  best friends, Marissa Luck (HBO’s “The Leftovers”) and Elizabeth “Lissy” Ferra (“Reality Queen,” FX’s “Better Things”), who pass the time fantasizing and deciphering text messages from crushes they met online.  They spend their time pondering if there is a future with someone they haven’t even met in person.
The film embraces the initial moments of the modern-day crush and the obsession that comes with utilizing technology as more than a means to an end. The adrenaline rush of getting a text; the blissful moments of wonder and lust before weirdness, and online stalking make it all too real.
“With CRUSH I was able to create a satirical look at our obsession with the search for technological love,” says director Lauren A. Graham, “The script was fun to write because the subject matter is very common among single women and so relatable I was inspired to make this film by the literal feeling of joy I received getting a text message from a crush. I while listening to the Metric song in the film and it just felt so surreal and like I was 14 years old again. It just was such a magical moment that I knew was fleeting but made the effort to hold onto it. I wanted to remember that feeling forever.”
With Crush, Lauren portrays the fantastical feelings of the early stages of digital love and brings the audience to the most exhilarating and curated moments that make you fantasize about an entire life together before you even meet your said digital lover. It will no doubt be a disappointment, but hey, you can always delete the thread if it doesn’t work out.

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