Couples: Itai & Adeola, sitting in a …..

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…really cute apartment in Greenpoint. We are in the kitchen in their second floor apartment and the bright orange deco couch in the kitchen is often the first topic of conversation upon entrance to this room. Today it is a prop in the room that is hosting a photoshoot of one of our favorite couples. You might see them walking around in Greenpoint, Adeola with her black jackets and cool hair, and Itai carrying some instrument on a bicycle whistling looking like a scene from the ‘Bicycle Thief’ film.  They are so cute. Here is the cutest interiew I could think of for them.
1. What is the cutest thing that she/he does?
Itai: she laughs a lot
Adeola: he types with two fingers
2. What the best part about living together?
Itai: waking up together
Adeola: the fights
3. Who takes the longest in the bathroom?
Itai: Me in the morning, Adeola in the evening
Adeola: Me
4. What is your favorite thing in each other’s closet?
Itai: High heels
Adeola:Old-man cardigans. They actually come from an old folks’ home.
5. Now ask each other a question.
Itai: Who was your first lover?
Adeola: Some guy I met in the subway. He played the double bass.
Adeola: Describe the first house you lived in
Itai:It was tiny, but to me it was huge. It had a grapevine, with rats living in it.
6. Fill in the blank:
Itai makes the best pies.
Adeola has skeletons in her closet.

Itai Kriss, 30, pied piper (he makes great pies and plays the flute), composer, arranger
Adeola Enigbokan, 31, man of letters

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