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_DSC6511 copy  photos / Nate Taylor
story / Bridgette Jameson

Like many great actors Corey Fogelmanis has experience in both film and stage acting, having performed in thirty productions since age six—a full decade! Most notable thus far is his portrayal of the character Farkle Minkus on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World. I will admit that I was unsure of watching the show due to my inability to get into Boy Meets World. However, Fogelmanis’ sweet, young voice in the earlier episodes of the reboot and the humor brought by his character slowly caught my interest.

Never would I have expected to find that darling little Minkus was played by someone with so many artistic talents, and someone so close to home. In addition, this young star adds photography to his growing list of talents, too. After spending a great deal of time involved in the arts myself, I found it quite heartwarming to be able to speak with Fogelmanis about his experiences acting, his love of photography, and what he has been up to.
What do you think it is about Girl Meets World that makes it appealing to all ages?
I know a lot of people watch the show because they were fans of Boy Meets World and want to see what Cory and Topanga are up to now. Also, fans of the original show who now have families are watching it with their kids and can relate to what they’re going through as parents.
Do you ever find yourself still in character once filming is done for the day?
Since I’m going on my third year of playing Farkle, I know him pretty well so it’s easy to jump in and out of character.
You recently filmed for the third installment of Mostly Ghostly, One Night in Doom House. How do you feel about starring in this franchise two films later; does it feel like you have big shoes to fill?
I didn’t focus too much on filling someone else’s shoes. I was a huge fan of R.L. Stine growing up though, so I wanted to make sure I did a good job with the role and did the book justice. I had a blast shooting up in Vancouver for a month and I’m excited for it to be released!
Acting on screen means moments of your life will be immortal. What about all the time spent doing theater? Does your family come record?
A bunch of the community theater performances I did when I was younger were recorded but due to show licensing restrictions, they’re not able to do that anymore. But that’s one of the great things about live theater, it happens and then it’s done.
Do you get a different feeling being involved in the tech side of theater as opposed to being onstage?
Yes, there is definitely a different feeling not being on stage but it’s not any less satisfying. For me, any time that I get to spend in the theater makes me happy. Since I can’t commit to a show right now, I’m glad I can still be involved in some way.
Which musical do you hope will give you your big break on Broadway? Would it be a show that already exists or do you have a vision for something entirely new?
Originating a role would be an incredible experience. There are many existing roles that I would love to play as well. I think Pippin is such a brilliantly written show and I would love to be able to do that at some point. Jack Kelly in Newsies is another one on my list.
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How did your passion for photography start?
Growing up, my mom always had cameras around the house, so I was exposed to them at a young age. Just in the last couple of years, I’ve become more interested in the art of photography and have used it as a way to express myself creatively.
Your Instagram is home to many Polaroid photos. Is all of your photography analogue or do you focus on DSLR as well?
Recently I’ve been focusing on analogue photography, mostly because of the simplicity of it. I love having one shot to get a photo right and not being able to do any editing after the photo is taken. I also enjoy the challenge of it. You have to rely on your creative eye and your knowledge of the camera; there are no auto controls. I do have a nice DSLR Nikon D750. I don’t get out with it as much as I’d like to but I try to carry at least one camera with me at all times.
How do you balance screen acting, stage work, photography, and school without overwhelming yourself?
I wish I could say that I never get overwhelmed trying to balance everything, but sometimes I do. I try to focus on one thing at a time, which helps me manage everything.
If you had never been introduced to the arts, what sorts of subjects do you suppose you’d be interested in?
I’m not really sure, I’ve always been involved in the arts one way or another so that’s the only thing I know.
Are there any other projects in the works for fans to look forward to?
We’re back shooting our third season of Girl Meets World. We are starting high school, the characters are growing up a bit, and I’m excited for everyone to see it. At the end of 2015, I shot my first film, Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House, which will be released later this year.
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