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by / noel buddy fantastique

1.) fancy fire
2.) dazed by what you think she said
3.) largest step you can take
4.) suitcase to nowhere
5.) permed by fate
6.) sing your moan
7.) box full of high school drama
8.) show tunes based on parallelograms
9.) the night we got slut drunk
10.) feel good states of brands and products
11.) personal pride in your cat suit
12.) wet postcards
13.) a conglomeration of dreams sniffing me out
14.) having no choice except to be out-of-print and rare
15.) (egg me on)
16.) don’t be jennifer aniston about it
17.) solve for cake
18.) see you again just for an hour
19.) fundamental stages to an inevitable conclusion
20.) bring forth new exits
21.) grossed out by shame
22.) always funny wings
23.) whole wall of wow
24.) lie by way of smoke
25.) colored on the quick
26.) need for vice
27.) blind lemon muddy someone
28.) so awesome screamy
29.) look where you bend
30.) trees on glass
31.) primary limits made of ideas
32.) dirty gold
33.) degrees
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