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brandi 3

photography / Angelo Kritikos
styling /  Wilford Lenov
makeup + hair /  Stacy Rosas
interview / Koko Ntuen
 Brandi Cyrus grew up a regular on the red carpet and stages of the entertainment industry. As part of the Cyrus dynasty she is used to all of the noise and craziness that it entails but has managed to carve our her spot in the limelight through exciting various projects. From modeling and blogging to her webshow on Marvin Scott Jarett’s POPULAR she has been busy living out her dream life and looking great while doing it. Get to know Brandi Cyrus!
You’re a musician, actress, designer and style maven, can you tell us anything else about you?
 I’m also a competitive equestrian and have been for over 20 years, which definitely has a big impact on who I am too. I love doing everything that you just listed, but the most important things in my life are my family, friends, and animals. At the end of the day, it’s not what you’re doing but who you do it with that matters, and relationships are what make for a happy life.
You grew up in an household of entertainers did you ever have to compete to get attention?
You know, I was never the one that wanted to be the center of attention, and i’m still not. Honestly most of the time attention makes me nervous, haha! Both of my younger sisters love being in the spotlight. It’s like they were born for it. My brothers are both on the shy side, and I definitely fall somewhere in the middle of it all.  I’ve learned to find a perfect middle ground of being comfortable in it, but i’m definitely okay without it too. 
What projects are you working on now?
I’m always very focused on my fashion blog. It’s a full time gig in and of itself, but it leads to so many other awesome opportunities that it’s worth the work, and it’s a fun creative outlet that is 100% mine. There are no guidelines or rules – I get to do what I want with it. 
I’m also the host of a new web series called ‘The Queue’ which is all about video art and music videos, and I have my first feature film premiering in the fall! My newest venture is this monthly style editorial I just started doing for The Plaid Horse, which is an A Circuit Hunter/Jumper horse show magazine. It’s a fun way for my two worlds to crossover. 2015 is turning out to be a very exciting year!! 
What do you find yourself gravitating to the most the most these days?
All of a sudden in the past several months or so i’ve developed this huge sense of adventure. I’ve never really been that person that’s a huge risk taker or a dare devil or anything like that, but this adventurous spirit has sparked in me and i’m really living for those once in a life time opportunities, moments, and experiences. Life is too short not to some things that scare you, because those are usually the greatest things you’ll ever do. 
You have a new TV show on POPULAR with Marvin Scott Jarrett. How did you guys meet and how did you come up with the concept of the show?
Yes! I was set up to meet with Marvin and Jacklynn Jarrett through my agency, Next Models. I was so excited because i’m a huge Nylon Magazine fan and I love everything they did with it, so I was ecstatic when I heard they were interested in me for POPULAR. We had tea at Chateau Marmont and immediately hit it off! They are incredible people, and since music and movies are what I love the idea of ‘The Queue’ was perfect for me. The show is super fun because we get really silly by playing off of the videos we feature. Every time we shoot I get dressed up in three or four crazy outfits with insane hair and makeup – it’s a blast. 
Do you model all your own clothes on Style Native?
I do, but I would use the term ‘model’ very loosely, haha! My whole idea with Style Native is for it to be super authentic and real. So even though I am showing off an outfit, I like for the vibe to be very casual and candid for the most part. I want girls to be able go on my site and know that if they like what i’m wearing, they can totally pull it off too and wear it to school or work or out with their friends. 
What is one designer you would like to wear everyday for the rest of your life?
oh gosh I don’t know if I could just pick one. On a designer level, Saint Laurent and Givenchy are my favorites. I also love Opening Ceremony, RTA, A.L.C., and Reformation.
What was the dress you wore at the CMT awards because that was amazing.
Thank you! It was a For Love & Lemons dress, and it was actually my backup that I wore because something didn’t fit right on my first choice one. But i’m so glad I wore it because I really stood out – it was different than anything anyone else had on and I got a lot of compliments on the carpet by other girls I admire. I also kinda liked that it caused a little drama in the press the next day – fashion is all about bending the rules in my opinion anyway!
Your a red carpet fixture do you ever get nervous being in the spotlight?
Oh yeah, like I said typically “the spotlight” makes me nervous. But at the same time, I kinda grew up in it so i’m comfortable enough in it. Red carpets are probably more nerve racking than anything else because it all happens so fast, and everyone’s yelling and rushing and it’s very, very hectic every single time. Award shows are hands down the most unorganized and chaotic events no matter how much they plan. That’s just how it goes. 
If you could describe the entertainment industry in one word what would it be?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
I honestly don’t know. I literally live my life in about two week increments. I have no idea what i’ll be doing next year or even next month – let alone in 10. But I do see myself surrounded by family and friends, and the one thing i’ll always do is ride horses. It’s my #1 passion and escape from all of the entertainment industry craziness. 
What is one motto you can tell us that can get will us through the day?
Be present and make the most of today because tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.
What is the most rebellious thing you have ever done?
dating all of the band boys that my mom warned me were no good for me. what can I say though? i’m her, 20 years younger (she’s gonna kill me! haha!)
Who is the biggest rebel you know and why?
hands down my sister, Miley. and I respect her so much for it because she truly loves being one. 

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