Black Banditz

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photo credits / Rony Alwin and Andi Elloway   story by / Stefania Consarino

Black Banditz Tattoo & Hair isn’t your regular place to get tattooed or your hair done. It represents a life style of creativity and freedom of expression combined with art and music. Located in the trendy neighborhood of Melrose in Los Angeles, Black Banditz Tattoo & Hair, is owned by Dan Regan, Adam Moonves and Gio Artiga.
The idea stemmed from Adam and Dan’s passion for getting tattooed. As Los Angeles night life promoters the duo started throwing private tattoo parties, in that way getting tattoo artists work while getting themselves free tattoos.
Originally the Black Bandtiz first location was inside of a shop , De La Barracuda, also located on Melrose. In order to expand the business and stay open later hours Dan and Adam branched off opening their own shop on Melrose and bringing hair stylists together with tattoo artists. Currently housing four tattoo artists and seven hair stylists.
The Black Banditz are also seen at various events in L.A. doing tattoos such as art galleries, Fashion Night, Coachella Music Festival, block parties and various charity events. “ Its pretty much integrating us with the community and different cultural aspects that you wouldn’t expect a tattoo shop to be, and that’s kind of what are niche has been and people love it” says owner Dan Regan.
The store attracts a variety of different artists interested in collaborating with the Banditz from jewelry designers to clothing designers to graffiti artists. “ We want to become a part of peoples lives and routine so they feel like the need to get their Banditz fix.” affirms Regan.
Black Banditz is looking to open shop in NYC and Paris next, bringing the Banditz lifestyle across the country and eventually over seas.
To know more about the Black Banditz or upcoming events you can visit their website.


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