Are you thirsty?? POPwater

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THIRSTY!!!!! Everyone has gone through obstacles to try to win the object of their affection. Come on, you know we have ALL been there, acting like desperate fools all to try to get some action from a person we were crushing on at the moment. Nowadays we call that EXTREME THIRST. We wanna hear your stories. Tell us the most desperate thing you have ever done to get a person to notice you and you will win a special, special, prize from our sponsor POPwater. If anything it will help quench your the dehydration of you heart. 🙂

POPwater was started by Troy Carter (Atom Factory CEO), and our favorite, scary, hot, dirty,Terry Richardson and just the right amount of POP.

“After working closely with our friends at Coca Cola and Pepsi on various music related initiatives over the years, we were inspired to create a beverage that had music and pop culture in its DNA. Terry Richardson, creative team are bringing this vision to life and we’re excited to have them tell this story,” said Troy Carter, founder.

POPwater’s four signature flavors (orange, pineapple, apple and grape) are now available at  Product will be hitting shelves in Los Angeles this month as well, with a national rollout to follow. EXCITED.


Tell us about your thirst in the comments! xx

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