Ana de la Reguera

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writer / Tiffany Diane Tso

photographer / Rakeem Cunningham

stylist / Wilford Lenov

hair  / Juanita Lyon

makeup  /Noel Nichols

Ana de la Reguera is no newcomer. Beginning her acting career in Mexico City in 1996, Reguera attributes her break out in the Mexican market to her roles in telenovela Todo Por Amor and her first full-length feature POR LA LIBRE, released internationally with the English name DUST TO DUST. Both of these came out in the year 2000.
Moving in on Hollywood, the now 38-year-old actress found her breakthrough American role as Sister Encarnación in the 2006 comedy NACHO LIBRE alongside Jack Black. Since, she has garnered roles in films including COP OUT, COWBOYS & ALIENS and THE BOOK OF LIFE, as well as roles in HBO’s Eastbound & Down and Netflix original series and cult favorite, NARCOS. Reguera has also been the face of Cover Girl and hosted the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America.
Two decades have passed since a bright-eyed 17-year-old Reguera moved to Mexico City from her hometown Veracruz to pursue her dreams of performing for a living. Growing up with an affinity for dance, she soon realized that her training was not substantial enough to make it as a dancer. Reguera began acting school, quickly picked up the craft and booked an agent.
Most recently, Ana has been trying her hand at writing and producing. She is currently in talks with Latin American networks, closing on the pilot of her original series Ana, a comedic show produced by and starring herself. Comparing it to wry humor Louie, whom Ana is a huge fan of, mixed with the quirkiness of Garfunkel and Oates, the project gives Reguera a chance to work in her favorite genre, comedy.
For those of you who have yet to discover Ana de la Reguera, it is about time. Hardworking and a powerhouse woman, Ana shows no signs of slowing down or stopping in her tracks. You better look out for Ana.
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