Allison and Jeff on…..

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Everyone gets ‘the call’ at least once in a lifetime. You know, the one where your best friend is like, “you have to go on a blind date with this dude, and I have to live vicariously through you because I have a boyfriend  and who wouldn’t want to date a comic book store manager?”
That’s exactly what I did to our Art Director Allison Pauline when I set up her up with Jeff, manager of the famous ‘Forbidden Planet’ comic book store in Union Square.
Jeff is over an hour late on a rainy Sunday, to meet Allison at Brooklyn’s ‘Sweet Revenge’, a bar . Black-leather-clad, she sits waiting patiently. Every so often, she’ll look over at the door suspiciously, while I smile demurely and shrug my shoulders (I’m only there to document the event).
When he finally does arrive, he turns up also sporting a carcass, black leather too. Jeff is cuter than expected. They meet, they greet, they blinddate!

What was the first thing you noticed about Him/Her?
A: eyes
J: The first thing I noticed about Allison was a combination of her cute smile, hair, and sense of style. Her smile was initially pursed and reserved, but became mischievous after awhile.
Was there any obvious flirting?
A: mmmm idk. i think i always flirt
J: Nothing that I sensed. I was more nervous than I’d normally be. I’m not shy and love to flirt- but I think I had some reservations. I knew this was being recoded and that was a little weird. I also didn’t want this to be a disaster so I may have been forcing things, and flirting needs to come naturally.
What do you remember about what he/she does?
A: works at a comic store. enjoys arm graffiti
J: Allison’s a freelance designer.
Do you want to see this person again?
A: yeah he was chill
J: Sure. She’s a great girl. Maybe initially a platonic drink though
Did anything awkward happen?
A: uh yeah people watching to see what would happen
J: Honestly, posing for a goodbye kiss on the cheek pic for, like, three minutes was my most awkward experience. It ain’t easy hugging and puckering up to someone you just met for so long
What was the most interesting thing you talked about?
A: black irish
J: I love the fact that Allison likes to create, that she works with her hands. I really dug listening to her talk about various projects.
What was the sexiest thing that happened?
A: he bummed me a smoke
J: n/a

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) how would you rate this blind date?
A: i guess a 7. i dont have anything to compare it to but it didn’t scare me off of doing it again.
J: 6. I’ve only been on one other blind date before. THAT was a zero and I’d hardly recommend such an experience. This was a bit more refreshing, yet awkward
What is one question you would want to ask him/her?
A: o i was suppose to email him my comic so he could tell me if it’s cool.
J: Yeah. Are we still down for that gig at Sweet Revenge at the end of the month?

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