ahoj! from prague: part 1

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story+ photos / Meghan L. O’Connor

Hello friends!

So I actually arrived in Prague a month and a half ago, which is the perfect description of my Czech experience so far. I have not so much lifted myself from the fog of “I’m in Europe!” and “Beer is cheaper than water!” so much as fought my way through it like a true sloth champion, running up and down the three-stair stoop of my building like Rocky at ninety with a severe drinking problem. See the thing about Prague is…it’s Disneyland. If Disneyland rides were live art battles, rave shows that rival what was probably the best and truest of raves in the early 90s, weed with the purchase of a sandwich at your favorite trippy club (the trippiness is no joke, see for yourself: http://www.crossclub.cz/cs/interier/649-interier/), and…well, the yards of beer can stay the same but lower the price. by a lot. And trade the annoyingly fake smile of the Disneyland employee with a noncommittal grunt in your direction. It’ll be the best grunt you’ve gotten in your life.

The thing about the Czech people is that they’re not actually cold at all, we Americans just find their lack of general loud and or rowsy behavior strange. In the Metro, for example, people are generally quiet whereas we New Yorkers are comfortable with our loud,  dynamic and often irritating  behaviors that we see on a day to day basis. Where is our abrasive, life-affirming shove at the ONLY G train from Bedstuy for who knows how long? Where is the mariachi band to woo me twelve long stops? Why am I the most obnoxious person here?! Someone one-up me, please! Never fear, poor American. Simply frequent a pub, order a PILSNER, and stay around long enough. The Czechs will soon open up. And in that moment, when you’re relaxing with a beer and your Czech friend finds it acceptable to take his pants off mid-conversation (true story), you will feel an overwhelming sense of achievement. You’ll sit there laughing at your pantless friend with your other Czech pals, look around, and feel proud. You like me, Prague! You really like me!

Love from Prague and more to come,























































































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