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Afro Punk has¬†expanded¬†quite¬†a bit since I was a first year grad student and met James Spooner at his mom’s house for a screening of the¬†documentary¬†with¬†the same name. Expanded into what, I’m not quite sure, but I know it includes lots of hot people of all ‘colors’, (even white people!), skateboards, festivals and in general music. I attended the festival at Commodore Barry Park over the weekend which honestly¬†consisted of me showing up for 15 minutes on the first day when the concert was over, then running into Nick Gazin on the street and him showing me all the cool pictures he took¬†that day of his hot DJ friend, ¬†goth girls, some white guy in a¬†dashiki, Spank Rock and Tunde, etc, whatever. The second day was a little better since I got there at 4p. I wanted to see TV On The Radio but the proximity to my house and other obligations made it really hard to stay there that long. ¬†I have to admit I didn’t stand and watch any shows or anything but did get to spectate at all the cool kids and see what my VIP pass got me(nothing). Not totally lame because the crowd and energy were great. There were SO many skaters even though the median age was 15 there were some good pickings in there. It was definitely one of the better festivals I have gone to this year which says a lot because I hate large crowds and loud music and hot people walking around and not talking to me.


For more pictures I took on my Iphone click here.

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